DIY Drawing Animation

How to DIY Drawing Animation In 5 Minutes

A drawing animation video is an explainer video, a whiteboard animation. In most cases, used to sell a product or describe a system. If the topic you share is boring and you need to cover many ideas all at once to tell this story, drawing animation might fit you. Drawing animation is incredibly effective for communicating complex thinking. So why is whiteboard animation so popular? What makes this video style so ...

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whiteboard animation online

Make Whiteboard Animation Online? Try These Top 20 Video Scribing Maker

Video scribing is equal to whiteboard animation or illustration. Telling a story through drawings and illustration with animation. With a multi-sensory experience, using audio, animation, and third-party interaction all in one package. Engages the viewers and provides further information and fortifies vital points. According to the research by Dr. Richard Wiseman confirmed this “whiteboard video has a 15% more recall than an ordinary video.” Video Scribing is easy to remember and ...

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Powtoon Whiteboard Animation Tutorial

Powtoon Whiteboard Animation Step by Step Tutorial

Video has proven to be more useful than any other form of text communication to catch attention. But if you need to make a video in marketing, sales, and education, try whiteboard animation is a good choice. Whiteboard videos are also called explainer videos. Whiteboard videos pass a lot of information clearly and quickly. But how to create your own outstanding video in minutes? Try Powtoon to bring your imagination ...

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Tutorials: Making Whiteboard Videos with TV Quality

Tutorials: Making Whiteboard Videos with TV Quality in 10 Minutes

Are you looking to spruce up your video content with an engaging video format? Do you know what's whiteboard video? A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video style, generally used for education, marketing boosting. Whiteboard videos are incredibly effective for communicating complex details. It can be produced quickly with extremely little cost and boost the attention easier from the audience. You can expect this project to take longer to complete ...

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Make Tiktok Doodle Video Freely

How to Make TikTok Doodle Video Freely?

1. What is TikTok? TikTok is a music short-video platform for all ages that offers users select songs to create short music videos or edit their own projects. Since the TikTok rollout, the app’s popularity has been growing tremendously. According to global TikTok user penetration statistics: TikTok has over 689 million monthly active users. (The data comes from TikTok Demographics Statistics.) Know from the above data, it seems hard to make your ...

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animated video resume format

Why the Best Video Resume Format is Animation?

The competition in the market is very fierce now, so don’t miss out on any chance to distinguish yourself from others. According to the report from Statista, the global entertainment and media market's further growth is expected to grow to over 720 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. It’s not hard to imagine that many entertainment-related and media-related job-seekers will increase in the future. So whether the usage rates of video ...

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How to Create Animated Infographic Videos

How to Create Animated Infographic Videos in 10 Minutes

People's visual preferences consist of colors and graphics. You can get detailed information from the image source below, to know the stunning infographics why they can attract our attention. Image Source: Thirteen Reasons Why your Brain Craves Infographics We are no longer strangers to infographics anymore. The latest trend shows the development of infographics will be more animated and emotional. You're in the right place now if you'd like to create animated ...

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Try These 10 Infographic Movie Makers, or You Will Regret

Whatever you are, and whatever you do, most of us need to process information. That must be a good choice through infographics to express your content clearly. Thorpe, S., Fize, D. & Marlot, C. said in 1996, It only takes about 1/4 second for the human brain to process and attach meaning to a symbol. By comparison, it takes us an average of 6 seconds to read 20-25 words. In ...

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Top 10 Video Resume Templates

Top 10 Video Resume Templates to Make Impressive Video CV

In general, black letters on a white page is the traditional style to make the resume. But if you want the resume more eye-catching, maybe you can be expressed in the form of a video. A video CV can briefly and vividly introduce yourself, like your experience, qualifications, certifications, capabilities that can make your CV stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you can use the video resume templates to create your exclusive ...

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