Tutorials: Making Whiteboard Videos with TV Quality

Tutorials: Making Whiteboard Videos with TV Quality in 10 Minutes

Are you looking to spruce up your video content with an engaging video format? Do you know what’s whiteboard video? A whiteboard animation video is an explainer video style, generally used for education, marketing boosting. Whiteboard videos are incredibly effective for communicating complex details. It can be produced quickly with extremely little cost and boost the attention easier from the audience.

You can expect this project to take longer to complete depending on how many revisions to the design are required. But if you want to build up a stunning whiteboard video with TV-quality in a slap, why not try the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker(Mango Animate WM). No design skills, coding required. Mango Animate WM helps you to make a studio-quality whiteboard video within minutes.

Let’s get started to make your exclusive whiteboard video with TV-quality in 10min.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Try to make whiteboard videos with TV-quality in minutes.

  1. Begins with Creating a Theme

    What are themes, exactly? The theme is more exactly known as a thematic statement, your video will revolve around this thematic core. Sometimes you’ll have a clear thematic core for your whiteboard video before you begin the creating process, but If you’re trying to find a theme for your story, consider the following tips:
    -Choose a theme that sticks with your whiteboard video audience.
    -A good script hooks the target audience. So try to create a whiteboard video outline.Creating a Theme

  2. Compose the Script

    According to the first method know that you need to compose an outline. Consider the video length, keep it short and gorgeous that aim to catch your viewer’s eyes in the first 7 seconds, as this is when they decide whether to continue watching or not. Here’re some tips to help you when writing scripts for videos.
    -Determine your video story and plot, write the major plot points.
    -Make sure you use the language that your target viewers will get the point.
    -If you use industry terms, ensure to explain them appropriately.Compose the Script

  3. Install and Login

    Download Mango Animate WM and sign up for your own account on the official webpage.Making whiteboard video-step3

  4. Select the Template and Customize

    Making whiteboard videos from scratch will spend a lot of time. Customize the scenes with Mango Animate WM, go through the list of whiteboard video templates and choose the most suitable one.
    Mango Animate WM offers a simple drag and drop interface that fits beginners. Add enter, exit, transition effects for scenes that bring life to your video. Edit your video backgrounds, animations, captions, you can also upload custom audio files or simply record your own custom voiceover audio directly within Mango WM.Mango Animate Whiteboard Maker

  5. Preview and Publish

    Once you are done making whiteboard videos, preview your video that makes sure everything is fine. Now that your video is ready, download it to your device or publish it on social platforms with one click.Making whiteboard video-Publish

Let your imagination go

Making whiteboard videos with TV-quality is easier than your imagination. So are you ready to make whiteboard videos now?

Start Making a Whiteboard Video with TV Quality

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