Whiteboard Animation Video Maker Get your audience’s attention with captivating whiteboard animation videos. Increase the chances that they will not only get the message but act on it.
Raising People's Awareness of Health Issues Using a Whiteboard - Grab Their Attention

Grab People’s Attention

Health issues, especially diseases, are an unpleasant topic that people tend to shy away from. But it’s often necessary for public health agencies to promote awareness of such issues for the population’s benefit. Get your audience to pay attention to your messages about health by creating whiteboard explainer videos on health issues by using a whiteboard animation video maker. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker features a variety of hand types in different sizes. The hands can carry out a number of gestures on the whiteboard background that allow people to focus on the content of the animated video by unfolding the ideas before their eyes.

Send a Strong Message

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, send a strong message that will stay with them. Our whiteboard animation video maker makes this easy by allowing you to record and edit voices to transmit your message clearly. You can also add background music and other audio effects for a professional sound in whiteboard explainer videos. Add bold captions and ensure the message also reaches persons who watch without sound.

Raising People's Awareness of Health Issues Using a Whiteboard - Send a Strong Message
Raising People's Awareness of Health Issues Using a Whiteboard - Get Them to Act

Get Them to Act

Public health agencies promote health issues in order to get persons to take action -either to prevent or improve these issues. Get your audience to take the desired action by whiteboard explainer videos. This whiteboard animation video maker offers numerous characters that you can use to reach your audience. Bring characters to life with incredible animation effects that will make your audience want to be like the characters in the animated video.

It’s Easy to Do

We know your time is precious and you need a whiteboard animation video maker that respects that. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker enables you to create a whiteboard explainer video within minutes. Take advantage of hundreds of animated video templates available within our whiteboard animation video maker. Then customize them easily with a simple drag and drop process that creates beautiful animated videos with minimal effort.

Raising People's Awareness of Health Issues Using a Whiteboard - It’s Easy to Do

Using Whiteboard Animation Video Maker to Create Your Explainer Video

Start Smart

Choose a premade animated video template or pick an object to begin.
Step 1

Personalize Like a Pro

Use our vast array of media, audio features, and hand types to make the explainer video your own.
Step 2

Animate Everything

Add animation and transition effects to bring the message to life.
Step 3

Share Easily

Choose your format and download your whiteboard explainer video, then share it with social media and other platforms.
Step 4

Make Professional Whiteboard Explainer Videos with the Best Whiteboard Animation Video Maker
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