10 Fun Education Animation Video Ideas to Spark Student Learning

There’s nothing better for lecturers than keeping the students engaged with the given materials. And do you know what’s more fun than reading textbooks? It must be education animation video. A lot of creators have made educative animated videos that talk about so many that are useful for students, like biology, the human immune system, animals, and many more.

If you wish to make your strategy in teaching them, adapting to these animation videos may help keep the students more engaged and able to digest the great amount of information more easily. Now, we offer 10 animation video ideas for you to create fun education animation videos to engage with students.

10 Education Animation Video Ideas for Students

It might not be easy for you to find the best preferences, knowing how many creators are out there. So to keep things simple, we will share a few education animation videos that you can show to your students to improve the learning experience.

1. Whiteboard Animation Creation

There are some simple animations that are suitable for students, including this one. Whiteboard animation has been a good choice for education animations as it’s simple and straightforward with the info. The information content is usually open to details but is still easy to understand.

Creating the whiteboard animation might seem confusing at first. But thanks to the animation makers, even the students may able to create their own personal animations. 

2. Creating Instructional Videos

The second education animation idea is an instructional video. Showing how to do things in more detail may help others to deal with the task at hand. Aside from showing the instruction through paper, another best method is the instructional videos.

You may create animated instructional videos that are relevant and can be helpful for students. For example, the animation video about how to get up on time, how to achieve better grades, and so on.

3. Behind The Scenes

Although it doesn’t show the animation itself, you can always share the process of making the animation with the students. Making a good animation video is sure not easy. Thus, you may help the students to understand it better by creating a behind-the-scenes video.

Ideally, you may show things like the tool you used, the process, and finally the result. To avoid the complexity, you can divide the information into several parts.

4. Historical Figures Animations

Do you know what’s a more fun way to learn about history? Yes, it’s the education animation. Showing historical events or figures can be more immersive and easy to understand if you deliver the information in the form of a video.

It doesn’t have to be too detailed. You may include only the distinctive features of the historical individuals you want to explain. 

5. Interviews

The interview videos are one of the best ways for students to learn about how to talk face-to-face with someone. They may learn a lot from the interviews, including the language, gestures, and how to deliver the questions properly.

Aside from seeing the actual interviews, create something different by making an education animation video about interviews. It can be just about an interview or tips to do it properly. 

6. Tales and Folklores

There’s always a story behind each tale. And each and every tale, hold a certain value we may uncover later in the conclusion. Telling the students about a story can be miles better if you deliver it using an education animation video.

It might take a while to prepare a good animation that can tell a story. But with the help of the animation maker tools, the job will be easier than before. 

7. Record Special Moments

You can also use an education animation video to tell somebody else about the special moments in life. By searching on the internet, you may find videos about “Draw My Life”. Although this type of animation video is less complicated and longer than that, at least we can draw the same idea.

An animation may help portray those beautiful, special moments in life. Using a visual representation can make the whole thing more believable and easy to understand.

8. Videos of Special Locations

Aside from historical figures or special moments, you may also make animation videos about special locations. Similar to the previous points the animation video here doesn’t have to be too detailed. What’s important is that you can portray it well, even when only using the basic linings. 

9. News Shows

One can also make a news show using a known character to tell the students about something. You may use the video animation to explain to them about the current situation that happens around us, like global warming, for example, or something that’s more relevant to them. 

10. Video Portfolio

Although this kind of video is ideally made using no animation, you may go differently by making an animation video about a portfolio. The point of this video is to explain to others about yourself by highlighting your skills, experience, likes, hobbies, and others. This animation video can be as an example or something that may encourage students to talk to a camera. 

The Top Education Animation Video MakerMango Animate

After mastering these animation video ideas, it is time to create education animation videos now! Don’t be afraid, the process isn’t as hard as you might think. Instead, it will be such an easy process that many would find it doable.

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Mango Animation Maker, developed by Mango Animate, is the best educational video maker. It will let users create their videos using the available templates. Additionally, it may offer some useful features, such as:

  • Rich Templates – Whether you want to create videos about Biology or other study materials, Mango Animation Maker will make it easy for you through the easy-to-use templates. 
  • Hand-Drawing Effects – Easily grab the students’ attention by creating an engaging video that has the drawing effects to enhance both visual and information telling. The feature is accessible and highly customizable as well. 
  • Cartoon Characters – Do you want to provide better storytelling for your videos? Use these customizable characters. Customize them further by making them do certain poses, showing natural emotions, and others. 


If you want to create new education animation videos, whether for your channel or students, looking at the videos made by other YouTube channels may help give you insight into the particular topics. Hopefully, the education animation video ideas above may help in sparking inspiration within you.

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