Top 10 Easy Animation Makers to Create Educational Videos for Students

Nowadays, lecturers may depend on something that’s beyond a textbook. There are so many tools to make the studying sessions a lot more interesting and meaningful. One of them is an animated educational video. In this blog, we will show you the best animated educational video makers.

Although we often have some ideas in our minds about turning creativity into something that adds value, it’s not that easy to design a video that is appealing in both the visual and information content. But no need to worry, these animated educational video markers will help you out!

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1. Mango Animate

When we’re talking about animated educational video makers, one name that comes to mind is Mango Animation Maker, aka Mango AM. Just like the name, this is the tool if you want to create animated educational videos for students

The process is nowhere near complicated. The users may always realize their ideas in a better way by using the templates and additional features, including:

  • A great library of assets – Never feel discouraged to let out your creativity. With the additional images, shapes, and symbols, you may create an educational video that looks appealing to the eye.
  • Recording capability – The accompanying information in the form of voiceover may help to explain some topics better. Thus, if you want to add your voice to provide additional information, you may always use the recording and subtitle features.
  • Dynamic characters – Do you want to provide better storytelling to your content? The best way to do this is by using the dynamic characters. Mango AM allows users to apply colorful characters that are fitting for various industries, including Doctors, Teachers, Tour Guides, and more!

2. Lightworks

For those who want to look for a professional animated educational video maker. Lightworks is wrapped with all the interesting features that may help significantly in animation-making processes. For example, you will get the basic editing tools along with the watermark to make your creation more authentic. 

Although there are free and Pro versions, the first one is just enough if you want to make basic animation videos. 

animated learning videos

3. Blender

Those who want to make animation both in 3D or 2D, feel free to use Blender as one of your best animated educational video makers. You may get it for free from Steam or directly from the website and have it installed on your device almost instantly.

It is equipped with great creation tools for 3D and 2D, along with the renderer options. However, it does need higher technical requirements to run smoothly, so better check your device and make sure it’s compatible.

animated learning videos

4. OpenShot

Another animated educational video maker we’d like to recommend is OpenShot. This is the option to use if you want to use software that is rich in features. For example, you have the basic editing features, including trimming, resizing, and scaling. To add and remove the assets can be done easily through the drag-and-drop system.

Creating animated educational videos for students through this tool can be done easily, especially when you have advanced tools at your disposal, including 3D animation tools.

animated educational video maker

5. Pencil 2D Animation

If you want to make an educational animation video that looks like pencil drawings, this animated educational video maker is highly recommended. To make hand-drawn animated videos, you may use the available features, including audio and image import, frame rate adjustment, visual effects, and more. 

animated educational video maker

6. Powtoon

It might be difficult to make an animated video that stands out. But, the task may become easier as you equip yourself with the correct tool like Powtoon, for example. Whether it’s for educational, business, or personal purposes, this animated educational video maker may help you in making animation videos that are attention-grabbing.

Users are free to adjust their styles, export to multiple social media, aspect ratio adjustment, easy file import, and many others. 

animated educational videos for students

7.  Synfig

If you want to use an animated educational video maker you may use it for free, this one is also highly recommended. Synfig is beyond the generic animation makers. It won’t provide you with the tools to craft 2D animations, but also to naturally move them.

You may create cutout animation through bitmaps or add some elements that may support the animation itself, like the Skeleton Distortion layer. 

animated educational video maker

8. Moovly

Another great animated educational video maker we’d like to recommend is Moovly. It’s a great animation maker tool that may benefit a lot of people in various industries. Whether you just want to create videos for students, presentations, or personal reasons, it will help you out.

Users are able to use a huge amount of digital assets to enhance their creations, gain access to the Library, and have free cloud storage.

animated educational videos for students

9. RenderForest

Are you looking for an online maker that’s free and easy to use? RenderForest can be your solid option. The platform presents a lot of animation templates to choose from, and you as the user may freely customize them to create a more personalized animation. These templates may serve a wide range of industries and purposes, so take your time to find which one of them is most suitable.

animated educational video maker

10. Vyond

Do you want to go beyond? Use Vyond. This animated educational video maker is highly praised for its capabilities in making good educational animation videos. It has a text-to-speech feature, which may be useful in a lot situations, as well as other beneficial technologies, including additional backgrounds, props, characters, and reports. 

animated learning videos


Creating educational animated videos can be done easily as long as you can get access to the animated educational video maker. The software may deliver you with the easy process of animation-making thanks to the available and usable tools. 

So, those who are not confident with their editing skill may rely on them to turn their unique ideas in mind into something that’s more visually appealing.

Start Creating Amazing Animation Videos & GIFs Easily

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