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Content creators always crave fresh ways to engage audiences with videos. Yet, the usual hurdles of equipment costs and editing skills often hinder many aspiring creators from entering this dynamic space. This is where AI video generators step in, offering an easy but disruptive solution to the challenges of video production. 

With these AI tools, creators can make videos featuring an AI presenter (also known as AI avatar) that articulates their messages fluently with natural-sounding AI voices, effectively voicing their thoughts and ideas. In this article, we will explore 6 AI video tools and guide you through creating your own AI presenter videos step by step.

Top 6 AI Video Generators to Create Realistic AI Presenters

1. Mango AI

Mango AI is seriously an awesome tool for creating AI-powered videos – and it’s a total breeze to use. You get everything from super realistic AI presenters with spot-on expressions and precise lip-syncing to customizable video options, plus AI voiceover options and even video face swap abilities. There are various virtual presenters as well as cartoon ones to choose from, with different genders, ethnicities, and looks. Dubbing is a thing of the past with Mango AI, as it effortlessly converts your text into speech using your selected AI voice options.

AI Presenter, virtual presenters


  • Human-like AI presenters with lifelike expressions and lip-syncing.
  • Prebuilt, customizable video templates.
  • Ability of text to voice AI free with multilingual AI voiceovers. 
  • Face swap for both videos and photos.

2. Colossyan

The second AI video generator from text free is Colossyan, and it’s packing some serious heat with its powerful virtual presenter creating capability. There are 150+ AI avatars to choose from to create AI presenter videos. You can also automatically localize the language to your target audiences within Colossyan. Just one click to create a language variant to expand your content reach at scale, which can save you much time on translating video script and dubbing. 

AI Presenter Videos, virtual presenters


  • Customizable AI avatars.
  • Automated content translation into 70+ languages.
  • GPT-enabled AI Scriptwriter for crafting video scripts.

3. D-ID

D-ID is a pioneer in developing AI video solutions, enabling video creation with an AI presenter shown. These AI presenters are customizable in appearance and voice to meet your specific requirements. Not only can you include an AI presenter in the video, but also create an AI agent, making it an expert in some areas.  Without any coding knowledge, just selecting roles, providing instructions, and uploading documents, you can build an Agent to listen and respond to questions posed by your audiences. 

AI Presenter Videos, virtual presenters


  • Creative reality studio for AI video avatars.
  • AI Agents for conversational AI.
  • API for developers.
  • AI Presenters add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint.

4. HeyGen

HeyGen offers a state-of-the-art AI avatar generator and you can make avatars of people and animals and use them to say whatever you want. This AI video presenter tool makes it easy to turn scripts into human-sounding speech with over 300 voices and 40 languages. You can choose from over 100 AI avatars to recite your scripts with realistic lip-syncing, saving time and money by removing the need to hire actors or buy expensive recording equipment.

AI Presenter, virtual presenters


  • 4K resolution AI presenter video output.
  • Custom, studio-level, and photo AI avatars.
  • Text-to-speech ability.

5. Elai is another virtual video generator tool on our list. You just type your script, pick an avatar, and boom! Your AI presenter video is ready. The tool offers a bunch of features like AI voice cloning free, automated translations, and ready-to-use templates, making it a good option for all your video creation needs. You can add narration in 69 languages with options for male and female voices as well as regional accents.

AI Presenter Videos, virtual presenters


  • 80+ customizable digital avatars, including cartoon avatars.
  • URL-to-video ability.
  • Automated video translation. 

6. Synthesia

Synthesia is a truly remarkable AI video presenter tool. AI Avatars offered by this tool can be customized to speak over 120 languages and offer more than 150 variations. These avatars are built based on actual humans captured in the studio, providing enhanced emotion, better lip tracking, and more expressive natural and human movements when generating videos from the provided text. This level of detail and customization sets Synthesia’s AI avatars apart from other options.

AI Presenter, virtual presenters


  • AI-generated avatars and voices.
  • Video translation in 40+ languages.
  • Live-streaming AI presenter.

How to Create an AI Presenter Video with Mango AI Step-by-Step

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Register a Mango Animate Account

    Sign up for Mango Animate to get started with your AI video creation.

    make an AI virtual presenter video

  2. Choose an AI Video Type

    Choose a video type from Text to Animation, Text & Image to Video, Talking Head Video, and Talking photo. Each video type will have a virtual presenter displayed to articulate your messages.

    make an AI virtual presenter video

  3. Customize the Video

    Type your text, complete needed information, change an AI presenter from the library or upload a clear, frontal image to create your own virtual presenter and choose a preferred AI voice. 

    make an AI virtual presenter video

  4. Download and Share the Video

    Once all settings have been done, click “Create”. Mango AI will automatically dub the video with an AI presenter shown. Share it on social media or download it for offline use after generating.
    make an AI virtual presenter video

    make an AI virtual presenter video

Final Thoughts

So, to sum it up, these AI video generators can help make AI presenter videos with ease. They all have similar features with different prices. You can try their features one-by-one, to see their capabilities in AI presenter expressions and motions, video face swap, AI voices, etc., to pick an AI video generator from text that best suits your needs. Enjoy the magic of AI video creation! 

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