Top 7 Free AI for Text to Voice Tools for Elevated Video Experience

Facing the daunting task of recording a voiceover for YouTube videos? Struggling to accurately align captions with the spoken words for online courses? Or wrestling with the time-consuming processing of scripting, recording, and editing for engaging explainer videos for product launches? The solutions are at your fingertips with AI. Understanding that such online tools are abundant, and you may find it challenging to select the ones that meet your requirements. Read the blog where we’ll guide you through 7 text to voice AI free tools, organized into 2 categories to meet your needs.

Text to Voice AI Free Video Generators

The first kind of tools introduced in this blog are hassle-free AI video generators from text. These text to voice AI free tools can help make videos with minimal effort, perfect for those looking for streamlined processes and improved efficiency. They all feature free AI text to speech to let you get professional voiceovers in no time, eliminating the need for both editing videos and recording speeches. The first two platforms are specialized in text to video fields, while the rest two are more video editors with built-in text to speech abilities.

1. Mango AI

Launched by a software developer – Mango Animate which specializes in animation video creation, Mango AI retains features to produce animated videos while enabling users to turn text to voice AI free and instantly generate videos with an AI presenter shown. Users just need to copy and paste, or type their video script, and adjust settings like AI voices, video resolution, video background, AI avatars, etc., and Mango AI will automatically dub your text and generate a video.


  • Human and animated AI avatars
  • Voiceovers with lip-syncing of AI characters
  • Wide selection of AI voices from language, gender, tone
  • Templates available for all kinds of video
  • Face swapping for both video and photo

text to voice ai free, text to video ai

2. Kreado AI

The next text to voice AI free tool introduced in this category is Kreado AI. It’s an easy-to-use tool to generate videos from text with digital avatars. Kreado AI provides a rich resource pool for languages, voices and digital avatars, aiming to meet requirements for users from all walks of life. Choose an avatar from industries or nationalities, customize digital human broadcasts by setting “Language type”, “Voice timbre”, and speech rate and tone, and finally preview and refine the output to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Human avatar clone and voice clone
  • Multiple digital avatars and AI voice options
  • Professionally designed templates for 16:9 and 9:16 videos

text to voice ai free, text to video ai

3. Clipchamp

Here comes the text to voice AI free tool, Clipchamp. It is actually an all-in-one video editor that allows you to create videos from scratch or quickly auto-compose a video using media with the help of AI. Upload your video and use Clipchamp’s built-in text to speech feature to effortlessly make voiceovers. Except for language and voice, you customize the vocal pitch and pace for your video content. Voice emotion setting is coming.


  • Different sound options for each language
  • Speech to text
  • Autocaption with AI

free text to voice ai, text to speech


LOVO AI, focusing on its role as an AI voice generator, introduces Genny to add voiceovers to video. This text to speech website supports entering multiple segments of text and generating them to different voices, and finally automatically adding them into the video as video captions. Its resource library is integrated with Pixabay, which is enough for creating various projects. 


  • Seamless synced audio and video 
  • More than 100 human-like AI voices

free text to voice ai, text to speech

After reading this part, you may have a clear understanding of these tools. If you are looking for a quick video creation solution, you can turn to Mango AI, Kreado AI, or Fliki, which supports transforming your script to video instantly. If you have already created your video, and need professional voiceovers, then Clipchamp and LOVO AI will be a great fit for your project.

Professional Text to Voice AI Free Tools

Next, we will go through tools that transform text into lifelike speech to upgrade storytelling for all kinds of content projects, not limited to video content. You can choose one of them to generate emotionally rich video voiceovers for your video. 

5. Murf AI

Murf AI, a pioneer in AI voice generators, has powerful abilities to turn text into realistic, professional-grade speech in minutes. Simply enter your text, choose an AI voice, fine-tune the speech pitch and speed, and finally export it. Murf has a large voice library with dynamic voice styles featuring different emotions like excited, sad, friendly, and more.


  • Voice cloning
  • AI dubbing
  • API for large-scale voice generation
  • AI voiceover translation into 20+ languages

free ai text to voice, text to speech ai

6. Resemble AI

This free AI for text to voice tool can meet your diverse needs requiring voices like ads, podcasts, and social media. Choose desired AI voices or localize the voices, input your text, add pauses, choose the audio format, and finally download it. The hyper-realistic AI voices provided by Resemble AI text to voice AI free tool are virtually indistinguishable from original sources. 


  • Voice cloning
  • Speech to speech
  • API for efficient voice generation

free ai text to voice, text to speech ai

7. Speechify

The last online text to voice AI free tool is Speechify. The steps to generate speech from text are similar to the tools introduced above. You can choose from 40+ languages and 100+ high-quality AI voices varying in gender to generate lifelike AI voiceovers. It also can help you listen to Google Docs and Gmail on Google Chrome and web articles on Microsoft Edge.  


  • Text to speech ability across devices and platforms
  • Audio and video transcription
  • Text to speech API

free ai text to voice, text to speech ai

The three text to voice AI free tools mentioned in the category are suitable for those who are seeking studio-quality voiceovers for their pre-existing videos. Unlike AI video generation platforms such as Clipchamp and LOVO AI, these solutions do not automate the integration of generated voiceovers into the video. So, you will also need a video editor to insert and manually sync the audio clips with your visuals. 


That concludes our overview of 7 text to voice AI free tools. Each tool featured in the article has a paid plan for more, premium features for your video projects. They all have a free plan or a trial period, and it’s best to try them out and explore features to determine which one best suits your needs before committing to a paid subscription.  

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