Top 10 Video Face Swap Online Tools to Enhance Your Creative Skills

In the ever-evolving realm of digital creativity, especially empowered by AI technology, AI video face swap has been making waves owing to its unique, fun and mind-boggling features. There’s no better way than using face swap tools to amuse your followers. Imagine that you swap faces with someone else to make some buzz on social media, be it your baby, a celebrity, or someone of the opposite gender. What’s more, it’s easy for you to generate professional marketing videos with these tools. This blog will give you a glance at these tools to create AI face swap videos online free.

Note: Don’t use these AI video face swap online tools maliciously or for any illegal purpose and action. Any inappropriate use could get you in trouble.

10 AI Video Face Swap Online Tools You Need to Try in 2024

1. Synthesia

Synthesia, specialized in AI-driven video generation technology, helps create talking-head videos, deepfake videos, and more videos. It empowers users to create professional videos in 15 minutes. Furthermore, acting as an AI video face swap online tool, Synthesia enables you to replace your video presenter with simple clicks. It has more than 140 diverse AI avatars for you to choose from. Or you can create your digital twin to add unique flavors into your video. With 65+ simple but professional premade video templates, users just need to use their own script and customize the template with their own text that’s shown on the screen, add shapes and media, etc., to quickly create videos like profession training videos, how-to and product videos, knowledge base videos, and more.

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

2. HeyGen

Another AI-powered video creation tool, HeyGen lets you effortlessly produce studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voices. Whether you are engaged in a sales team, product marketing, content marketing, or learning & development, HeyGen can help create videos for your diverse needs at scale. The HeyGen video face swap tool enables you to replace a face in the footage seamlessly. It is a good choice if you are not an expert in video editing. Creating an AI face swap video is achievable in just 5 simple steps, given that you have prepared everything for your video. Choose an avatar, click the FaceSwap icon to upload the photo you want to use, add your script, and download the deepfake video. For best results, it’s recommended to use image with good lighting and high resolution. 

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

3. Mango AI

As its name suggests, Mango AI is empowered by AI technology and focuses on AI video generation. Main features like Text & Image to Video, Talking Head Video, Talking Photo, among others, are designed to help users to generate engaging videos quickly and easily. To suit your needs to reach different audiences, you can choose premade AI avatars (including cartoon avatars) or upload a photo from your computer to generate your own avatar applied into the video as a presenter. As for creating AI face swap video online, you are allowed to swap faces from existing avatars, refacing them with uploaded portrait photos and seamlessly apply them to your AI videos. 

4. DeepBrain

Focusing on online AI video generation, DeepBrain AI helps you create AI videos in just 3 straightforward steps. It can significantly save your time and effort by accelerating your video projects at scale. Generating an AI face swap video is easy with DeepBrain. No video editing experience required, it seamlessly replaces the face in the video with those of  authorized celebrities, public figures, or anyone else. Through its face swap, you are able to make custom avatars upon special requirements, and DeepBrain can swap the facial features, speech patterns, and voice from existing videos and images of the desired model onto the avatar.

video face swap, AI face swap video

5. Vidnoz AI

Free AI video generator Vidnoz AI purports to empower users to create AI video face swap online in just a minute. No associated costs, downloads, or prior experience required. Vidnoz supports both photo face swap and video face swap online. You simply need to upload a photo/video with a face as base image/video, and then upload a photo with a face as the target face you need. Finally, click to start swap face. It also provides video templates, avatars, AI voiceover, etc., to simplify your video creation process and help you easily add personalized features into your videos. 

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

6. Deepfakes Web

This is an AI video face swap online tool for users to create deepfake videos. Deepfakes Web just requires you to upload sources videos/images and target videos/images. Images are not required but recommended to have for better results. Clear and frontal faces are required. After uploading the videos and images, just wait to let AI process and render your video. You can then download the created video or reuse your model. Deepfake Web promises you that only you have access to your videos and images. The created video will have a watermark by default to indicate that it is fake to prevent misuse.

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

7. Remaker

It’s turn to introduce Remaker, an AI content generator that offers various tools for creative content creation. These include background remover, watermark remover, AI image upscaler, and the well-received online video face swap tools. Crafting authentic AI face swap videos online free using Remaker is super easy. A video and a target face are needed. A tip from Remaker that face swapping may fail in videos with NSFW content. You can use it to create entertaining creative videos by replacing the face of a person in a video provided you obtain the consent of the people whose faces you are using. Besides video face swap, Remaker also supports swapping multiple faces in photos.

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

8. MioCreate

MioCreate, a professional online whiteboard tool, now releases its free AI face swap tools for both photo and video face swap. Completing a photo or video face swap takes just three steps. For video face swap online, MioCreate accepts GIFs or videos in M4V/MP4/MOV/WEBM format for face swapping. And it supports a JPG/PNG/WEBP image as the target face image you desire to swap in. Or if you have no idea what to create or want to see the created results, there are random videos/photos provided by MioCreate, which can be added to get you inspired. 

ai video face swap online, AI face swap video

9. Pica AI

As a popular AI-powered content creation platform, Pica AI covers a broad spectrum of creative tools, such as face swap, AI headshot, AI image/art/avatar/ generator, photo enhancer, free AI chat, etc. It’s indeed a comprehensive platform for content creators. With regard to online face swap, Pica AI supports photo face swap (including single and multiple face swap) and video face swap. There are more than 100 video face swap templates ranging from films to funny face GIFs, perfect for making your friends chuckle. Just hit swap and voila! It’s a fantastic way by using AI face swap videos to update your social media content and generate buzz.

video face swap, AI face swap video

10. Deepswap

The last online AI video face swap tool introduced in this blog is Deepswap. It is a web-based app for creating amusing face swaps like movie role refacing, gender swaps, face memes, and more. You can make any reface videos, and swap up to 5 faces in the video at once. Not only does Deepswap be able to change faces of videos and photos, but also GIFs. If you want to create trending memes and enjoy the feeling of being the spotlight, Deepswap is worth a try. In addition to face swap, this platform is also equipped with capabilities of erasing background, enhancing images and cartoonizing images. 

video face swap, AI face swap video


After a simple overview of the above 10 video face swap tools, you may have a choice in your mind to pick for your AI video creation. Regardless if your request is comprehensive video creation and editing, or a tool dedicated solely to face swap, you can find solutions in this blog. Select one to kick-start your first AI face swap video.

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