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Modern time has witnessed the passing of an era when videos are created by the professionals exclusively. Here comes the digital time when everyone can make a video. And thanks to modern technology, there are many video makers out there for everyone to choose. Among those video makers, Mango Animate Text Video Maker is the best text animation software. This blog will talk about what animation software and Text Video Maker are, and most importantly, how to make a text video step by step.

What is text animation software?

Text animation software is software that animates the text. Simply said, it is a tool that can make digital text move. Text animation can liven up blogs, social media profiles, newsletter or websites quickly. It is simple to make a text animation video by using text animation software.

Best Text Animation Software Video Example
Best Text Animation Software Video Example

What is Mango Animate Text Video Maker?

Mango Animate Text Video Maker is the best animation software that can convert plain text into animated text video. It is useful both for professionals and novices. The software offers a wide choice of awesome animation effects and stylish fonts and has a built-in stock library of pictures, videos, and audio tracks that can accompany the text. It can be concluded that Text Video Maker has all the material to make a wonderful text video. So it is easy to make text video out of this best text animation software.

Best Text Animation Software Video Instance
Best Text Animation Software Video Instance

How to make text video using the best animation software?

Step1: Prepare

Before heading to the making process, the first action you should take is to download the best animation software from the official website and get it ready for work. After that, make sure your text is ready for being converted into text video.

Step2: Add text

Open the best animation software. Create a new project by hitting on NEW. The new project interface will be entered. The text editor will pop put for users to add text. Copy the text you prepared and paste it into the text editor. Here you can customize the text, for example, choosing the text color, changing the font and separate the sentence by sentence meaning and divide them into sentence group. After customizing the sentences, hit IMPORT to get the text input. They will be displayed at the timeline at the bottom of the interface.

Step3: Animate

After importing the text, you can animate the text as you like. The best animation maker provides a tremendous animation options for users to choose. Look through these animation effects and make a good choice of them. What’s more, you can decorate the text by adding stunning icons built-in the software. To make the text vide even more interesting, you can add some special effects to the video to lighten it when it is necessary. Choosing a stunning background to be used in the video can help brighten it. If you want to fill the video with dynamic rhythm, you can put in some musical element. Select a suitable music or import the music you like to the video to make it full of passion and energy.

Text Video Maker Example
Text Video Maker Example

Step4: Export

When you are done with decorating the video made by the best text animation software, click on EXPORT and the video will be ready for you in a minute. Then you can share with people all over the world.

In a word

Using the best text animation software——Mango Animate Text Video Maker to create a text video can never be easier. Download the software, import the text and then decorate it, export what you create, that’s all you should do, and the stunning text video will be present to you in a blink magically.

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