How to convert text into video

There are videos everywhere. In the present world, people tend to transmit information via videos. Think about it for a moment, you may find that you are surrounded by videos all the time, the alarm that wakes you up, the bus station screen that tells you the arrival time of each bus, the message that your friends send to you, the news and information you receive, and any other stuffs, all passing along via videos.

Among these videos, you will probably notice that text video is the most stunning yet looks simple. Indeed, text videos are much more eye-catching and need more attention to watch than any other types of videos.

text video maker how to convert text into video
text video maker how to convert text into video

But don’t worry! Making text videos is far easier than you think. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to convert text to video with an excellent text-to-video converter called Mango Animate Text Video Maker.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker is splendid software that can convert texts into vivid and attractive videos. And the procedure is quite simple. Now let’s see how we are going to make it.

how to convert text into video example
how to convert text into video example

First of all, get the text and text-video-converter ready. Prepare your text, whether it is product introduction, knowledge or any other things that you want to share with others. It is better that you divide the text into different short sentences according to the sentence groups ahead of time. In this way, the text can be displayed later in the screen sentence by sentence.

Secondly, when all the things are well-prepared, get the Text Video operated. It is time to convert text to video. After entering the software, create a new project by clicking NEW. Then the text editor will appear. Copy the prepared text and paste it into the text editor. Hit on IMPORT to get the text imported into the text converter. The imported text will appear in the timeline block by block.

Thirdly, edit and decorate. When the text has been imported into the text video converter, then start decorating the video. This text video converter offers a plentiful library of icons, text animation effects, background pictures and so on. You can search through the picture library to pick up a suitable background for your text video. Select the icon or animated cartoon characters and add to the text video to make it more splendid and full of fun. Animate the text by choosing the appropriate icon to make the text livelier. Music library is also available in this text video creator if you want to make the text video even more enjoyable.

The final step to convert the text to video is to output the video. Click on EXPORT to output the video in different file formats, then the text video converter will generate instantly and fluently. When the text is finally converted into video, you can share your creativity and ideas with people all over the world via social media with a single click. At last you can just relax there and wait for people’s likes and comments. Enjoying converting the text to video can never be fun.

make a text video example
make a text video example

In a nutshell, converting text to video can never be easier with the most useful text video converter, Mango Animate Text Video Maker. Get your text imported to the software, decorate the video and then export it and share. Just a few simple steps can bring you a stunning and attractive text video. So get started now.

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