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Whiteboard Marketing Videos Ultimate Guide

Whiteboard animation video has gained popularity and attention a lot in marketing area. Many business runners find that animated videos, especially whiteboard animation videos, help to make it easier and more effective to bond with their audiences.

In this article, several steps will be posted and guide you to make your own whiteboard marketing video.

  1. Start With The Script

    The first step in the creation of a whiteboard video is writing a script. Script is the essence of any video, and it will make your later creation steps much easier. Your script is expected to have 4 parts: the introduction, the problem you want to show, the solution to it, and call-to-action. Make sure the first step is perfect, or your video will be ineffective.

    whiteboard marketing video

  2. Choose A Unique Software

    To make a unique whiteboard video, you need a unique software-Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker. Freely download the software in Mango Animate official website and install to your device.

    whiteboard marketing video

  3. Animate

    Once you’ve get access to the software, it’s time for you to turn your script animated.
    • Create a new blank project, or directly choose one pre-built template from the built-in template library.
    • Drag and drop
    Simply add built-in royalty-free vector images to the whiteboard screen by using drag and drop. Drag and drop also allows you to drag your local materials into the interface. To make content more unique, Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker also offers multiple engaging characters to be your narrator role.

    After adding materials, utilize the built-in image editor to fully customize them. You can adjust their positions, time them one after the other, so the video will be fluent and continuous.

    whiteboard marketing video

    • Add entrance, emphasis and exit effect for materials
    It’s a fact that animation videos’ amazing mainly depends on the various effects. In Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, hand animation effects and none-hand animation effects are featured. Select the material that you need to animate, choose an effect by a single click. This step is important since it touch on the quality and level of your video. Concern carefully and choose the right effect to the right material.
    • Sprinkle with your voice record and music
    When it comes to voice over, it’s the punch line of an animation video. With the voice over, viewers can better get your message in a breeze. With the built-in powerful voiceover, you can record your voice inside the software, or type in text and transfer it into speech. There are many speaker roles for you to pick. You can drag and drop your music files to the music timeline as your background music.

  4. Preview And Export

    Once you are done with creating, you are supposed to preview your video first, check everything right, and make sure there’s no error. Simply export your masterpiece to local device, and then you can share it to social media platform.

    whiteboard marketing video

Can’t wait to start your own design? With this tutorial in hand, you are sure to make your amazing whiteboard animation with total ease. Work with the best designer-Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, and shine your videos from others.

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