Top 10 Free AI Text to Voice Tools Help Convert Text to Likelike Audio

Are you still worried that your sound is inappropriate as a narration for your video? A free AI text to voice tool may offer good help. Imagine creating engaging videos without the need for hiring voiceovers or dubbing by yourself. Here are the top 10 free AI text to voice tools, with whom you are able to generate attractive audio clips in an effective and low-cost way. 

Top 10 Free AI Text to Voice Tools to Meet Your Needs

1. Mango AI

Say goodbye to the budget constraint. Mango AI, a cost-free AI access, introduces its free AI text to voice tool for you to generate a speech with a diverse selection of high-quality and natural-sounding voices. It provides various AI voiceovers, including men, women, and children. More than a text to voice generator, it also helps you create AI videos with a talking AI avatar. What you need to do is input the text as narrations, and choose a prebuilt AI avatar and AI voiceover. An AI-powered video will be automatically generated within minutes, complete with vivid animations, transitions, dubbing voices, and a talking avatar that can lip-sync. In summary, you can access text to animation and text to voice all within Mango AI. 

AI Text to Voice Mango-AI


What sets VEED.IO apart is its AI text to voice technology that can generate human-like voices. No need to hire a voiceover to dub for your video. With it, you are free to type or paste your text into the tool, where you will get an audio file in the timeline. Moreover, it also provides various AI avatars, who can read your scripts with intonation ups and down and pauses, just like a real person. After that, the tool allows you to export the audio or the whole video so that you can share your work on social media platforms to get a wider audience. 

AI Text to Voice VEED IO


LOVO.AI, a professional AI text to voice tool, provides over 500 voices in 100 languages, empowering you to generate audio to get a worldwide audience. Whether you are going to make videos for marketing plans, business presentations, or educational lessons, the tool serves as your helpful assistant to generate and translate your text cost-effectively. Try to input your text and choose an appropriate dubbing speaker, then click the Generate button. The tool will get your audio ready within minutes. If you haven’t prepared scripts, the tool can generate professional content to help you quickly get started. 

AI Text to Voice LOVO


The design of MURF.AI’s website is rather cute, which has an intuitive interface for users to locate the features they need. Without robotic voices, Murf’s significant feature is to generate human-like voices naturally. Its text to voice tool offers a selection of AI voices in 20 languages, all of which are natural-sounding with intonation. What’s more, some languages support localized accent speaking. No matter whether the voice is for videos or presentations, it can be always suitable for different uses. 

5. has an intuitive interface, empowering you to start the project without ads. Its text to voice tool allows you to simply type your text to transform it into speech. Various languages are supported, including English, Chinese, German, and other minority languages. It also provides a series of voice samples. You are free to choose an appropriate voiceover to meet your needs. 

AI Text to Voice DESIGNS AI

6. Canva

Canva is a popular platform that enables you to create a wide range of visual content easily. Its free text to voice tool is also powerful and easy to use, which helps create natural and fluent narrations for your video with just a few clicks. If you are going to make videos for ads, podcasts, or promotions, it is an ideal choice. Over 120 AI voices in 20+ languages are available for you to generate, including Chinese, Spanish, and French. The speed and emotion of the speech mimic the tone of a human. You are free to add the voice generated into the video as narrations. 

AI Text to Voice Canva

7. Speechify

Speechify’s text to voice tool is available on different systems. Whether you are using Chrome, IOS, Mac, or Android system, you can always start to generate a voice. It empowers you to create voices in different styles with human-like AI voiceovers. The feature of AI dubbing is useful for localization, which can translate your narrations into 20+ languages. Or you can upload your voice, the AI voice cloning tool may sample your voice within minutes so that you are able to use your voice as narration without dubbing by yourself. 

AI Text to Voice Speechify


Dubverse is where you can elevate content creation with 200+ AI voices in as many languages as you want. The free AI text to voice tool enables you to type, paste, or upload scripts to convert text to speech. No need to add a credit card, all transformation is free to start. Versatile dubbing speakers varying in age, gender, accents, and tonalities are available. You can also create a conversation by applying two speakers within one project. When complete, export the speech in the format you want to suit your project. 

AI Text to Voice Dubverse

9. CapCut

CapCut’s AI text to voice tool helps convert your text to speech in a diversity of languages, including English, Korean, Portuguese, and more. There is a selection of voiceovers of different genders, ages, and personalities for you to choose from. You can customize the speech by setting speech rates and volume to meet your needs. 

AI Text to Voice CapCut


SPEECHGEN.IO, a realistic AI text to voice tool, empowers you to turn your text into engaging speech in an American English accent with the power of AI voices. You can use the speech for businesses, education, social media, entertainment, and more. When complete, download your speech in MP3 format for further use. 



A free AI text to voice tool can break down barriers between you and expressive content. More than a tool, it is more like a catalyst for innovation, allowing you to generate different voices to read your text without budget constraints. Help yourself to choose an appropriate AI text to voice tool that can solve your problem. 

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