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Blackboard Animation Complete Guide

In these days, in the face of fierce competition among business market, animated videos have become extremely popular and significant. How to make your video stand out from thousands of high quality animated videos and still get your message across? The answer is blackboard animation video.

In this passage, a detailed tutorial of how to create a blackboard animation will be shown for you.

  1. Start With Your Script

    Script is an integral part of every single video, no matter it’s a blackboard animation video or a regular video. You need to draw up your script, include the problem that you want to point out, the solution to match it and at the end what kind of result that you want to see. Only with a script can you preset your scene and you can know exactly what materials that you will need.

    blackboard animation

  2. Select A Tool For Animating

    Choose the software to create your blackboard animation. If you are a beginner, go with something easy to use like Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, it is a good option. Go to Mango Animate website and get it for free.

    blackboard animation

  3. Initiate With Template

    Once you get access to the software, you can build a new blank project or directly pick up one pre-built template from the resource library, and then you will get into the edit interface.

  4. Create With Your Imagination

    In this step, you can fully utilize your imagination. Set up the timeline and add materials to it. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker features with a massive library of royalty-free vector images for you to use. Add a character as your narrator to make your video more intuitive and attractive. You can bring in your own materials, it’s supported. If you want to make custom to images, customize with the built-in image editor to save your time.

  5. Voice Your Story

    Due to the essence that blackboard video is more limited in the ways of expression, it’s of a great importance to add your voiceover and music to the video. With the voiceover, your idea can be much easier to get across. Record your voice right inside the software after rehearsal, or simply type your text and transfer it into speech. The built-in powerful voiceover is at your service. Import music as background music to create a related atmosphere. With detailed narration, the bound between you and viewers can be quickly built up.

  6. Animate

    In this crucial step, you are to animate your video, make everything move. In virtue of the multiple hand animation effects offered by Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, you can easily achieve it. You can add entrance, emphasis and exit effect to your content to make you video amazing. It’s no doubt that your video will stand out from others.

  7. Finish And Export

    After you are done with your creation, you can download your video locally in a matter of seconds. If you want, you may share your product directly to social media platform with your friends and other viewers.

    blackboard animation

By now we have gone through the whole process of how to make a blackboard animation for you. Are you ready to make your own amazing blackboard animation video? Let’s wrap it up. Start with Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker and start your trip of doodling.

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