Top 10 Slideshow Video Makers to Create Dramatic Presentations

Are you seeking some tools to highlight your slideshow works and share them with your audience? A slideshow video maker will be an excellent tool that provides you with a perfect solution to meet your requirements. Don’t worry about finding the proper tools. This article will lead you to learn about the top 10 slideshow video makers, which may help you finish the unique presentation creations.

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Top 10 Slideshow Video Makers to Make Jaw-dropping Slideshows

1. Mango Presentation Maker

The intuitive operation interface of Mango Presentation Maker (Mango PM) provides users with an easy beginning for their design journey. Both the experienced and inexperienced can use this slideshow video maker to make their own stylish interactive slides. The 2D and 3D dynamic backgrounds will bring your audience a cinematic view, grabbing their attention. You can build realistic scenes by creating animated characters. The characters are from all walks of life with abundant motions, and you could make one to present for yourself, teaming up with speech bubbles, text blocks, audio recording and voiceover features. Apply some interactive effects to any object to maintain the audience’s interest.

Mango PM Stands For Slideshow Video Makers

2. Clipchamp

Creating interactive PowerPoint slides by arranging photos, videos and slides smoothly with Clipchamp. It enables you to add royalty-free music to better convey your feelings, and exciting filters to build atmosphere. Plain text is too insipid to mesmerize your audience. The slideshow video maker offers various text styles to help decorate your content, and you may also add animation effects to text, making it more enjoyable. It also allows you to select a template and replace the media to make it your own.

Make Interactive PowerPoint Slides With Clipchamp

3. Focusky

The ideal slideshow video maker Focusky enables users to make extraordinary slideshow presentations, and the experience is unnecessary. The 3D effect is the main feature of Focusky. Not only do backgrounds include 3D effects but also animations. You will find over 1,000 animated characters and vector art in this slideshow video maker, which is good for slide enrichment. More than 300 animation effects and animation paths are provided so you may move any elements on interactive PowerPoint slides and add visual interest.

Focusky For Interactive Slides Creation

4. Canva

As an easy-to-use slideshow video maker, Canva helps users design an enthralling slideshow quickly. It furnishes you with a rich diversity of free stock videos, which you can use for your creation enhancement. With the seamless video editor, users could drag and drop design elements to deepen their interactive slides. Choose the unique background, font style, and color scheme to design the slideshows. The Canva Live directs your audience to a particular link in which you will build connections with them by asking them to answer polls, ask questions, and more.

Make Interactive Slides With Canva

5. Biteable

There is no doubt that Biteable will facilitate you to make professional and impactful interactive PowerPoint slides. If you have no inspiration, make yourself immersed in the templates library. This slideshow video maker offers a huge range of ready-to-use slideshow templates, which are created by professional animators and marketers. Templates include a host of styles, such as humorous, tech, business, etc., making your slides beautiful and effective. Choose templates that fit your topic and audience. You also can add a clickable call-to-action to boost the audience to take action.

Biteable One Of Slideshow Video Makers

6. Flexclip

Flexclip is a great slideshow video maker for an eye-catching interactive slide generation. Animation is one of the key features to hold the attention of the audience. You may add to your slides or text, making them more fantastic. Flexclip also affords more than 200 cool preset transition effects like Fade, Zoom, Wipe Colorful overplays, and more. Users may use these transitions to present interactive PowerPoint slides more stunningly. Choose background music or add your own audio, and use the audio editing tools to make it fit the slideshow.

Slideshow Video Maker Flexclip

7. Renderforest

Designed for highly efficient slideshow production, Renderforest makes the design process as effortless as possible for interactive PowerPoint slides creation. Customize and adjust the design in this online slideshow video maker to give your videos a perfect look. The cloud-based tools empower you to select the colors you want and adjust each photo or video’s duration to meet your needs, creating personalized videos.

Slideshow Video Maker Renderforest

8. Promo

Enjoy your slide video creation with no installation. Promo is an online slideshow video maker that allows users to create and share content over the network. You could either upload images and videos from your home computers or access media directly from social media platforms to strengthen your interactive slides. If you create for business storytelling, you are able to use your brand fonts and colors for a complete branded look. It also possesses a lot of community-based sharing features, which means you may share your videos with anyone you want to.

Slideshow Video Makers Like Promo

9. Wideo

Suppose you are searching for a slideshow video maker to create distinct slide presentations for your company. In that case, Wideo will be the perfect tool, and you will notice that it is as easy as editing PowerPoint. Not just an online slideshow maker, it also offers you the possibility to convert the scenes of your videos, making high-quality interactive PowerPoint slides. Add animations to your slideshows, keeping the audience engrossed more easily.

Create Interactive PowerPoint Slides With Wideo

10. Visme

Visme is another online slideshow video maker for beautiful and appealing slideshows. Drag and drop photos and videos you want to show to your audience and customize them by adding color overlays and filters, personalizing the look and the feel. Use narration to tell a story to go along with your interactive slides, fascinating your audience with your charm. After finishing your slides, download them as an MP4 video and publish it to the web, or share your work with others with a link. You also can embed it on your website.

Visme For Interactive Slides  Creation


During your presentations, the quality of the slideshows will affect whether the audience gives you an adequate response. Using slides created by a slideshow video maker to present will be more engaging than traditional slides. Mango PM is such a slideshow video maker that can make a charming slideshow. Do not believe? Take a try!

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