How to Create an Animated Business Explainer Video With Less Than $10

Explainer videos are quickly becoming a must-have for businesses looking to capture and retain their target audience’s attention. Unfortunately, creating a professional animated business video can be a costly affair. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get one. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the animated explainer video software Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker, and show you how to create a business explainer video with less than $10.

Best Animated Explainer Video Software – Mango WM

Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker is a top-rated free explainer video software program that allows you to create engaging videos within a short span of time and without breaking the bank. It has a free plan and you don’t need to pay a penny to create attention-grabbing animated videos. Whether you’re looking to create a marketing video, a training video, or an educational video, Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker has got you covered. Here are some of its key features to help you create animated videos for business free.

  • Customizable templates: Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker has a wide range of customizable templates you can choose from to match your brand identity, style and message. You can add images, text, logos, and other features to make your animated business video stand out.
  • Animated character roles: Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker offers a broad range of animated characters, including human and animal characters to add personality and fun to your animated business video. You can choose from existing character roles or customize your own characters to make them suitable for your video needs.
  • Handwriting effects: This feature helps you create an animated handwriting effect on the whiteboard, which gives your videos a personal touch and creates an engaging experience for your viewers. You can use this feature to highlight specific text or create call-to-action prompts that are visually appealing and energetic.

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How to Make An Animated Business Video With Mango WM

To create an eye-catching animated business video with Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Mango WM

    Download Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker for free on its official website. Then install it step by step. animated business video, create animated video for business free

  2. Write Your Script

    The script is the backbone of any explainer video. You need to convey your message as concisely as possible to keep your viewer’s attention while delivering all the necessary information. It’s essential to keep your target audience in mind and ensure that your script is clear and explainer video, create animated video for business free

  3. Record Your Voiceover

    Having an excellent script is vital, but the voiceover can make or break your animated business video’s success. You can use your phone or laptop to record the voiceover; just ensure it’s clear with no background noises. Alternatively, you can use Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker to record the voiceover. business explainer video, create animated video for business free

  4. Customize the Template

    Pick a free template in the software program and customize your animated business video to suit your branding needs by adding text, images, icons, logos, and any other graphics you may want. Ensure that your visuals are simple and visually appealing.animated business video, create animated video for business free

  5. Preview and Fine-tune Your Video

    After finalizing the animations, preview your video to ensure the voiceover, graphics, and animations all work together seamlessly. You can fine-tune your animated business video if explainer video, create animated video for business free

  6. Download Your Video

    If you’re happy with your final product, download your animated business explainer video. Mango WM offers you 6 free formats to download your video. animated business video, create animated video for business free


In conclusion, creating an animated video is no longer an expensive undertaking, thanks to Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker. By following these straightforward steps, you can create an engaging explainer video that will capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to engage with your brand. Create an animated video for business free today with Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker!

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