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Free Doodle Video Software - Customizable Hands

Customizable Hands

Make your doodles visually appealing with the use of different drawing tools. Create doodle videos that will wow even the most discerning viewer with Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Software. Upload images of the content and have them drawn as viewers watch. Outline your ideas on the whiteboard using any of the varied pens and hand types in the doodle video software for free. Or import custom images of any object and use them as the drawing tools.

Inspiring Characters of Free Doodle Video Software

Say goodbye to uninspiring characters and introduce the content with modern style. Use the characters in the free doodle video software and give them different occupations, actions, and expressions to bring doodle videos to life. You can also import custom characters to the free doodle video maker and add effects such as move, transform, and hand drawing to make them come alive. Use the record button to add voices to the video or import audio files and use the handy audio editor to perfect your sound.

Inspiring Characters of Free Doodle Video Software
Free Doodle Video Maker - Handy Image Editor

Handy Image Editor

Create rich, vibrant displays that will amaze your audiences. Your whiteboard videos will never be dull when you use the doodle video creator. The image editor lets you customize your images easily. Change the color to suit your taste, add filters, crop, flip, or rotate images until you achieve a look that’s just right. Use any of or dynamic decorations or upload your own to enhance the doodle videos.

Hundreds of Effects

Everything is more exciting when it moves. Several sensational animations and transition effects are available in the doodle video software for free. Choose from the creative entrance, emphasis, and exit effects. Move between scenes with captivating transition effects. It also facilitates custom effects.

Free Doodle Video Maker - Hundreds of Effects

Brighten Doodle Videos with Doodle Video Software For Free

Begin with the Best

Choose any of the templates available in the free doodle video software or pick an object to start creating.
Step 1

Make it Personal

Add multimedia elements and characters to build the whiteboard doodle video. Customize everything to make it uniquely yours.
Step 2

Add Effects

Utilize a wide range of animation and transition effects to make the doodle video pop.
Step 3

Display Your Creativity

Download the completed whiteboard doodle video in six formats or as a GIF. Easily share to social media and other platforms.
Step 4

Make Doodle Videos Easily with the Best Doodle Video Software
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