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Whiteboard Animation Software Feature 1Fast and Efficient Creation

Fast, Efficient Creation

Enjoy all the powerful features for creating doodle videos easier and faster. Featured with an easy-to-use editor, Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker allows you to add photos, vectors, audio files, and other media by simply dragging and dropping. Use the simplified timeline to manage all your hand drawing video elements in one place. Edit and customize images and audio directly within our doodle video creator

Your Doodle Video, Your Personalized Look

Design your hand-drawn art with maximum flexibility. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker enables you to tailor every part of the whiteboard doodle video the way you like. Customize the built-in animations, images, and backgrounds with ease. Import your own whiteboard video elements in seconds. Use our doodle video creator to get creative and make your video content stand out.

Whiteboard Animation Software Feature 2 Customize Your Hand Drawing Video
Whiteboard Animation Software Feature 3 Hand Animations in the Hand Drawing Video Creator

Hand Animations at Your Fingertips

Add a lot of shine to your whiteboard doodle video with a variety of Hand animations. The hand drawing video software comes with a wide range of entrance, emphasis, and exit animation effects that will make your audience eye-opening. Select your favorite Hand actions to highlight your ideas. Add Camera effects to achieve smooth transitions. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker gives you the power to make any topic interesting while giving the greatest viewing experience to the audience.

The Power of Voiceover

A great voiceover delivers an immersive experience. Leverage the power and speed of the audio tool in the doodle video creator. Simply click the Record button to create your own voiceover. Use the built-in audio editor to adjust the volume, or split the audio in just a few clicks. Record your own narration to add to your whiteboard doodle video and engage your viewers.

Whiteboard Animation Software Feature 4 The Power of Voiceover

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