Best Hand Drawing Video Software Keep your viewers endlessly entertained with hand drawing video software. Increase the chances of whiteboard videos being shared and talked about.
Hand Drawing Video Maker - Boost the Entertainment Value

Boost the Entertainment Value

Don’t just post pictures and quotes. As witty as those may be, statistics show that videos are more likely to be viewed. Create eye-catching animated videos that will keep viewers tuned to your pages with the hand drawing video maker. Upload your images to the hand drawing video software and create videos of the images being drawn on the built-in whiteboard. Use any of the various hands or pens included with the hand drawing video software or import custom hands to write your inspiring quotes as your viewers watch.

Customize Everything with Hand Drawing Video Software

Let your contents stand out from the crowd. Offer the followers something they won’t find anywhere else so they’ll keep coming back. The Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software offers the ultimate customization. From characters and background s, stage and camera effects, to animations and transition, every part of the whiteboard video can be customized so it truly reflects your creativity.

Customize Everything with Hand Drawing Video Software
Hand Drawing Video Software - Get Things Moving

Get Things Moving

Add life to the contents and keep your viewers engaged. The hand drawing video software features a wide range of animations that will leave your audience in awe. Stunning entrance, emphasis, and exit effects highlight the things you want to express. Move from scene to scene with captivating transition effects that will have viewers wondering what’s next. Add move, transform, and hand drawing animations to characters with hand drawing video maker that make an appealing animated video.

Record with Style

Give hand drawing videos a sense of style. Amazing camera effects offered in the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software let you focus on a single section of whiteboard video or the whole scene. Emphasize specific characters as well as focus on all characters at once. Use the record button to add your voice directly in the hand drawing video maker or import audio files and use the audio editor to create all the audio effects needed for the animated video.

Hand Drawing Video Maker - Record With Style

Create Outstanding Animated Videos with Hand Drawing Video Software

Begin Creating

Pick any object to begin or use one of our hand drawing video templates.
Step 1

Get Creative

Add images audio and other media to the hand drawing video and customize them to make it yours.
Step 2

Add Effects

Use our array of animation and transition effects to make the whiteboard video lively.
Step 3

Export and Share

Export the whiteboard video in six formats or as a GIF. Share to your social media pages.
Step 4

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