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A free doodle video maker for everyone. Create eye-catching whiteboard doodle
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Easy to Use Doodle Video Editor

Easy-to-use Editor

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker comes with a super easy to use video editor. Simply drag and drop built-in images, shapes, texts, and other assets to create a whiteboard doodle video in minutes. Our free doodle video maker is designed for all levels of users. Everyone can create doodle videos without needing to do complex edits and settings. 

Well-designed Templates 

Choose from a large library of pre-made whiteboard doodle video templates, covering topics such as education, marketing, training, and human resource. All the whiteboard doodle video templates in this free doodle software feature stunning images, backgrounds, audio, and whiteboard animations. Users can spice up their stories and create doodle videos that fit their goals with ease. 

Well Designed Whiteboard Doodle Video Templates
A Vast Library of Whiteboard Animations

A Vast Library of Animations

Choose from hundreds of whiteboard animations, stage effects, scene transition effects, and add a unique touch to your whiteboard doodle videos. Select your favorite Hand types/actions and apply them to images, texts, and characters. With the best free doodle video maker, you have the power to create doodle videos that bring messages to life and engage viewers.

Powerful Voiceover

Create your own voiceover directly within Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker. Just hit the Record button and add your voice to your whiteboard doodle video. Use the built-in audio editor in our free doodle video maker to edit your voiceover audio in just a few clicks. 

Powerful Voiceover within the Free Doodle Video Maker

Create Whiteboard Doodle Videos with Free Doodle Video Maker

Download the Best Free Doodle Video Maker

Download Mango Aniamte Whiteboard Animation Maker and sign up for a free account.
Step 1

Create Your Doodle Videos

Customize whiteboard doodle video templates, or create a new project to create doodle videos from scratch.
Step 2

Add Animations

Select your favorite Hand types and actions and apply them to your texts, shapes, and images.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Export your whiteboard doodle videos and share it on different platforms.
Step 4

Create Doodle Videos with Free Doodle Video Maker
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