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TOP 10 Skeletal Animation Software

As more skeletal animation software is becoming common and popular with people in the visual world, are you wondering what skeletal animation is and which software should you choose if you want to create your own unique and dynamic character? Well, this blog aims to explain the concept of skeletal animation to you and give you an overview of a list of the top skeletal animation software.

What is skeletal animation?

Skeletal animation or rigging is a technique in computer animation in which a character is represented in two parts: a surface representation used to draw the character, also called the mesh or skin, and a hierarchical set of interconnected parts, also called bones, a virtual armature used to animate the mesh. In plain words, skeletal animation is making our characters able to move. 

TOP 10 Skeletal Animation Software

There is a list of excellent skeletal animation software you should know what you prepare to make a dynamic cartoon character.

Top 1: Mango Animate 2D Skeletal Animation Software

Mango Animate 2D Skeletal Animation Software is awesome software that transforms a static image into a vivid and energetic cartoon character. This skeletal animation software is very to use and customizable. It provides a huge library of characters’ outfits, hair, skin and facial expressions. Besides, there are varieties of bone and motion templates for users to choose. But if users are still not satisfied with its accessory library, they can upload their own materials.

Skeletal Animation Software-top1
Skeletal Animation Software-top1-Mango Animate

Top 2: Poser

Poser is a 3D skeletal animation program optimized for 3D modeling of human figures. It is known for enabling digital artists to easily produce 3D animations and digital images, as well as the extensive availability of third-party digital content. 

Skeletal Animation Software-TOP2
Skeletal Animation Software-TOP2-POSER

Top3: MoHo

Moho is professional 2D skeletal animation software tailored to the needs of game developers and artists. It uses a bone rig similar to 3D animation software to create necessary keyframes. The bone rig system is optimized to reduce an often recurring nuisance, distortion around the joints of characters.

Skeletal Animation Software TOP3
Skeletal Animation Software TOP3 mOHO

Top4: Animate CC

Animate CC is wonderful 2D skeletal animation software that creates HTML5 animations. The program allows users to rotate the canvas into any angle to help you draw more easily. Being an Adobe product, this 2D animation software is, of course, connected to the Creative Cloud’s libraries, which allows artists to sync their assets as well as their brushes and color swatches with collaborators on the fly.

Skeletal Animation Software
Skeletal Animation Software TOP4 Animate CC

TOP5:2D Animation

2D Animation is great skeletal animation software that create smooth skeletal animation with rigging, tessellation and bone creation. It uses the PSD Importer to import character parts directly from multilayered artwork and animate the characters with key frames or curves in the animation timeline. 

Skeletal Animation Software TOP5
Skeletal Animation Software TOP5 Animate 2D

TOP6: Mixamo

Mixamo is 3D skeletal animation software that can give life to all animated video characters. Sliders built-in within the software help with slowing down or speeding-up of animations for giving a closed or open appearance to animated objects.

Skeletal Animation Software TOP6
Skeletal Animation Software TOP6 Mixamo

TOP7 Maya

Maya is 3D skeletal animation software that is powerful and flexible. Maya can handle modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering plus much more. And it does those tasks better than most other 3D animation software.

Skeletal Animation Software TOP7
Skeletal Animation Software TOP7 Maya

TOP 8:Iclone

Iclone is real-time skeletal animation software that helps users easily produce professional animations for films, previz, animation, video games, content development, education and art. 

Skeletal Animation Software TOP 8
Skeletal Animation Software TOP 8 Iclone

TOP9: Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is 2D skeletal animation software that you have advanced control on the characters by using a bong system and complex deformations. It also enables advanced controls for creating character puppets and other dynamic structures.

Skeletal Animation Software TOP 9
Skeletal Animation Software TOP 9 Synfig Studio


Cheetah3D is brilliant 3D skeletal animation software that is convenient for users to learn 3D animation package complete with modeling, rendering, and other animation tools.

Skeletal Animation Software TOP 10
Skeletal Animation Software TOP 10 Cheetah 3D

In conclusion

Well, now you must know what skeletal animation is and what available software for you to choose. Whichever software you choose, you must bear in mind that it is necessary to choose the most suitable one that can help you create awesome characters.

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