Top 10 AI Video Editors to Save Your Time and Life

Are you still looking for AI video editors to present your creativity? Imagine you are using an AI-powered generator that empowers you to make fascinating AI videos without professional skills. Enhance efficiency, and creativity, and save valuable time with these 10 best AI video editors, with which you can dive into the world of AI video creation and elevate your video editing experience today.

Top 10 AI Video Editors to Elevate Your AI Video Creation

1. HeyGen

HeyGen serves as an AI video editor, empowering you to create visually appealing AI videos with a talking AI avatar. With it, you are able to upload a boring PowerPoint and turn it into engaging AI videos with a spokesman for various users, including business online training, educational presentations, tutorials, and more. It also allows you to create realistic AI avatars that mirror your physical appearance. Together with the feature of voice cloning, an AI avatar that looks and sounds like you can act as a narrator in your videos. 

ai video editor HeyGen

2. Invideo

Are you still bothering to make your imaginative ideas come true? Invideo.AI, the online AI video editor, acts as your co-pilot to turn the scenes in your brain into engaging videos. Without any professional editing skills, what you need to do is enter a topic, or add any instructions, such as your target audience and platform for the generation. Various customization options are available, including video length, background music, dubbing speakers, and watermark text. After all these steps, your AI video will be ready. Among the video it generates, you can also add video clips from your media files, to further enhance the content of the video. All generated videos can be exported and shared to achieve your target audience. 

ai video editor Invideo

3. Synthesia

What sets Synthesia apart is its multi-language ability, where 120+ languages can be generated into the AI videos without you learning them. More than an AI video editor, it empowers users to create visually appealing AI videos with 160+ AI avatars, including onboarding training, e-learning lessons, and instructional videos, replacing boring scripts and PowerPoints. No need for cameras, microphones, or studios, it optimizes the process of AI video creation, empowering you to create welcomed AI-powered videos in minutes. If you have no idea what to create, it also provides an AI script assistant, which helps create prompts to activate your mind. 

ai video editor Synthesia

4. Colossyan

Colossyan is a user-friendly AI video editor that provides various video templates in different industries for you to start your video creation, including brand guidelines, company conversations, marketing plans, and so on. Its commitment is to cut half the time of the process of creating AI videos, allowing you to engage with the content you want to present, but not wasting time on editing videos. An auto-translate ability helps translate your content into different languages, getting wider audiences from all over the world. 

ai video editor Colossyan

5. Canva

Canva enables you to bring your ideas to life magically with its text-to-video AI video editor. With just one click, it can transform the scenes in your brain into AI videos within minutes. For example, if you enter the text “students are sitting in the classroom”, it will generate a scene that suits your story. Moreover, multiple customization options are available for you to personalize your videos, such as screen size, video duration, and more. 

ai video editor Canva

6. Clipchamp

Clipchamp introduces an AI video editor to enhance your video editing with its AI-powered features. Whether you are going to make slideshow videos, travel guides, or videos for social media, it offers various customizable templates for you to choose from. The editor allows you to edit your video by adding animation effects, narration text, transitions, and more. After editing your video, feel free to export it in MP4 format for further use, for example, upload the video to YouTube to achieve your target audience. 

ai video editor Clipchamp


VEED.IO launches its AI video editor that provides powerful features. It can help you create a video in a short time, complete with music, dubbing speakers, animations, subtitles, and even an AI avatar. The editor is equipped with various professionally designed video and AI avatar templates so that you don’t need to have professional video editing skills to make a video easily. With its text-to-speech technology, you don’t have to do the dubbing yourself, which really streamlines your working process. 

ai video editor VEED IO

8. Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro. speeds up your video creation with its AI video editor. It empowers you to spend more time being inspired and conveying stories with amazing videos and less time on the video editing process, such as uploading audio, inputting subtitles, adding transitions and effects, and more. 

ai video editor Adobe

9. Pictory AI

With the power of AI, Pictory AI elevates the video editing process with its user-friendly AI video editor. In minutes, you can transform your script into visually appealing videos of high quality, complete with background music. Moreover, its text-to-speech tool enables you to record your own voice or select one of the premade AI voiceovers from various voices, including men, women, and children.  

ai video editor Pictory AI

10. Mango AI

Mango AI stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a powerful AI video editor that redefines how businesses and individuals approach various challenges. It is committed to delivering intelligent, scalable, and customizable solutions that cater to the diverse needs of industries, fostering efficiency, and unlocking new realms of possibilities. With its text-to-animation tool, what you need to do is enter or paste your text and choose an AI avatar as a narrator, the video editor will automatically generate an AI video for you, complete with suitable animations, transitions, and subtitles. The face-swapper is worth mentioning, which empowers you to swap your face onto the prebuilt AI avatar so it looks like you are narrating the video yourself. 

ai video editor Mango AI


These top 10 AI video editors are not just tools; they are transformative solutions designed to save you time and enhance your life by making video editing a seamless and creative endeavor. There are different AI video editors for different requirements. Choose your favorite one and start your journey of AI video creation! 

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