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Professionally Crafted Template Make Easy

Mango Animate Animation Maker is the right animation software for first -time user. It is armed with a wide selection of well-designed templates for free use and customization. Requires no design experience, simply choose your favorite templates and add your creativity based on the template, then you can realize your vision into an animation. With the help of a professionally created ready-to-use template, your animation video is created in a flash.

Make Your Video Stand Out

If you want to keep your audience engaged and interested, use the animation effect is your most suitable option. A massive of entrance effects, exit effects, transitions, and background effects are available in the animation gallery, and you can utilize the impressive animation effect to animate your content. Using attention-getting animation effects, your animation video can stand out in the crowded digital world.


Best Way to Convey Message

In Mango Animate Animation Maker, you do not get to be a Disney-grade animator to create cool characters. Mango Animate Animation Maker provides a library of characters, and with these well-designed characters, you can make your animation video more interactive and fascinating. Moreover, conveying the message to your audience has never been straightforward and efficient with characters featured a large vary of expressions.

User-friendly Timeline.

The timeline is easy and intuitive in the free animation video maker. You can easily shift, shorten, or lengthen the appearance of your object in the timeline, therefore you can decide when it appears and disappears in your video. This way, you can easily synchronize objects with each other. Making an animation video is not a chore with an easy-to-edit timeline however an enjoyable journey of creation.


Create A Stunning Animation Video With Mango Animate Animation Maker

Download and Install

Download and install Mango Animate Animation Maker. Register or login to your existing Mango Animate account.
Step 1

Start a New Project or Choose a Template

You can start an animation video as a new project or choose a prebuilt template to customize it.and launch your trip of creation.
Step 2

Add Animation Effects

Now add characters, illustrations, music, and other multimedia to make a stunning animated video.
Step 3

Share it Now

You can share your animation video on platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, etc.
Step 4

Create Stunning Animation Videos with The Best Free Animation Software
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