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video in a form of animation

Display In The Form Of Animation

Compare with the traditional PowerPoint presentation, telling a story through animation videos is a lot better. It is also much easier to create animation videos compared with those traditional videos since you don’t have the need to shoot videos. The display process is that engaging images and characters constantly pop up to the canvas with the fair-sounding background music. Viewers’ attention will be attracted firmly and wonder what will come out next, thus to reach a result of concentration.

Free Built-in Resources

We are the free animation video software in the market. You don’t have the need to hire professional animators at a high price or purchase expensive resources. Use free built-in resources in our best animation video software. We offer a large quantity of free vector images, unique characters, and realistic animation effect, helping you to better convey your message in an engaging way.

animation maker with free resources
animation maker with built-in editor

Free Built-in Editor

 Mango Animate Animation Maker serves for one goal: lower your cost as much as possible. With our powerful built-in editor, you no longer need to download other edit software. We provide you with image editor and audio editor, which achieve you to create and edit at the same time. It’s really a time and money saver for you.

Create By Yourself

It’s literally no need for technology or skill when you are using our animation video software. Easy-to-use edit interface enable freshman to create his own engaging animation video. With Mango Animate Animation Maker, you don’t need any expensive equipment or professional animator, just a computer, and a mango account, and then you can create by yourself in minutes.

create animation video by yourself with ease

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Start Your Creation Trip

Choose between pre-built animated templates, or you may start from scratch you’ve edited before.
Step 1

Illustrate From Our Library Of Resources

Simply add elements from our library to your video, with our built-in editor, you can fully customize your video to better match your message.
Step 2

Eye-catching Animation Effect

Add entrance, emphasis and exit effect to your elements on the canvas to make them in life.
Step 3

Export And Share

Choose a video format and export your video locally. You can share it to social media platform if you want.
Step 4

Create Animated Videos with The Best Free Animation Software
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