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Create Infographics with Mango Animation Maker

A Fast & Simple Way to Create Animated Infographics

A free and simple animated infographic maker will empower you to create animated infographics and infographic videos easily. With the help of a variety of animated infographic templates, infographic visuals and animation effects, you can showcase your data and information in an easily interpretable and engaging way. Aimed at non-designers and beginners, the infographic animation software is the simplest way to create top-shared content on social media.

Highlight Everything That Matters

Animated infographics and infographic videos make your content easier to digest. By using this simple animated infographic maker, it’s easy to animate images, illustrations, text, charts, and other elements. With hundreds of animation effects ready for you to use, you have the ability to break down complex ideas and draw your audience’s attention to the main points in seconds. Give your static infographics a new life and create a more immersive experience for your audience!

Use Animated Infographic Maker to Explain Key Points
Create GIF Animated Infographics Easily

Powerful GIF Animated Infographics

The beauty of GIF animated graphics is that they’re easy to create and share. Apart from exporting high-quality animated infographic videos, you can also publish GIF animated infographics using the simplest animated infographic maker. Create, publish, and share your GIF animated infographics with just a few clicks, and watch your infographic go viral.

Low Cost, Incredible Results

Animated infographics are an exciting way to make complex information easier to grasp and more compelling to your customers. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get them done. Feel free to use ready-made animated infographic templates, and tweak the layout and content to fit your marketing messages. All your animated infographics or infographic videos can be created and updated in less time, and at a lower cost. You will see incredible results, and achieve the vision you’re looking for.

Create An Animated Infographic at Low Cost

Create A Stunning Animated Infographic in 4 Steps

Install the Free Animated Infographic Maker

Download and install Mango Animation Maker. Register and log in to your account.
Step 1

Get Started with Animated Infographic Templates

Search through the animated infographic templates to get the one you want and start editing.
Step 2

Add Animation Effects to Your Animated Infographic

Apply animation effects to texts and objects to bring your animated infographic to life.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Publish your animated videos or GIF animated infographics, and share them on social platforms to engage more customers.
Step 4

Create Outstanding Animated Infographics with Mango Animation Maker
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