Infographic Animation Software Visualize survey data and statistics with infographic animation software. Presenting boring data information through interesting animated infographic video.
Best Animated Infographic Maker - Best Practices for Survey Designs

Best Practices for Survey Designs

General charts and graphs in image form can be overwhelming for the inexperienced audience. The poorly designed presentation can take away the effectiveness of the data. Infographic animation software follows the best practices for animated infographic videos with built-in templates. When presented in an organized manner with engaging infographics, audiences can easily draw meaning from the data. Choose a suitable one from the essential built-in video infographic templates provided by Mango Animate Animation Maker, and then adjust data in charts and graphs. Creating an attractive animated information video with just a few clicks.

Put Pieces Together with Infographics

Whether you want to present your survey data as a story or timeline, infographic animation software offers unlimited resources. Easily add the animation materials you need through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. The animated infographic maker will help you to quickly transform raw data into a meaningful and interactive story with engaging SVGs, animations, and infographics. Adding dynamic characters offers a fun and interactive storyline for the audience. Unlike complicated spreadsheets and other presentation tools, Mango Animate Animation Maker offers easy to understand data representation for non-technical users too.

Best Infographic Animation Software - Put Pieces Together with Infographics
Best Infographic Animation Software - Adding Flare to the Survey Results

Adding Flare to the Survey Results

Don’t let the statistics go under the radar and spice up your findings with the animated infographic maker. Pick the most impactful data from your survey and combine them with a variety of amazing animation effects and scene transition effects to attract the attention of the audience. From adding subtitles to recording your own voice, you have countless tools from Mango Animate Animation Maker to emphasize the key information and important findings.

Easy Sharing and Promotion of Statistics

Once animated infographic videos are ready, publish the survey results across different platforms. Promote animated infographic videos as online, offline, or GIF videos across different channels and platforms. Flexible and easy distribution of survey findings in the form of video infographic allows easy access to the global audience. If the right people have access to your content, there are higher chances for your video to go viral. Make a strong impression at first glance with the animated infographic maker.

Best Animated Infographic Maker - Easy Sharing and Promotion of Statistics

Turn Survey Data into Engaging Video Infographic with Animation Infographic Software

Download the Infographic Animation Software

Download the compatible version for the 32 or 64-bit Windows and launch the Mango Animation Maker.
Step 1

Choose the Right Template

There are many video infographic templates. Choose the one and start modifying the storyline as per your requirements.
Step 2

Add Subtitles or Record Voice

You can add and adjust subtitles and can also add your own voice recording or any other professional voiceover.
Step 3

Start Promoting

Share and promote online or offline video across different platforms and channels.
Step 4

Create Animated Infographic Videos with Animation Infographic Software
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