Create Your Own 2D Animation Explainer Video For Free

With the advancement in technology, businesses are utilizing effective digital ways of communication with the audience. Businesses tell their brand stories in a memorable way with the help of 2D animation explainer video. The explainer video matters the most for your business to connect and communicate better with potential customers. It helps you to explain to them about your products and services and the fact that why they should choose your business rather than other competitors with the same products or services. Moreover, 2D animation explainer video helps in promoting your brand’s identity.

Choose the right 2D animation video software, you can ensure making a creative and engaging explainer video. The Software should comprise of all the features needed to engage the worldwide audiences. Make sure to explain everything with the help of the free explainer video maker.

2D Animation Explainer Video Create By Mango Animation Maker

What Software to Use to Create a 2D Animation Explainer Video

The selection of 2D animation video software matters to create interesting and engaging 2D animation videos for your business. You would prefer free software that provides enough features and flexibility to create the best-animated explainer videos. The software should be able to create such videos that can help you connect with the audience and promote your products or services at the same time. Whether you’re introducing a new product or showing employees how to work, 2D animation explainer videos can help.

Mango Animation Maker

If you’re looking for the best animation video software, Mango Animation Maker can be handy for you to ensure creating the animation video that you exactly want. Besides, this software has a free trial version and comes with a wide range of excellent features that can help to become a professional 2D animation explainer video maker. With the help of Mango Animation Maker, create your own 2D animation explainer video for free.

Keep scrolling down and learn about the exceptional key features of Mango Animation Maker that can enrich your explainer video for free.

2D Animation Video Software Mango Animation Maker
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1. Huge Library of Free Assets

Mango Animation Maker provides a huge library of free assets to choose from. It comes up with free media objects that can be used to create interesting animation videos or GIFs. Mango Animation Maker helps you to create an explainer video with a huge collection of images, widgets, effects, symbols, shapes, and charts.

2. Dynamic Speaking Roles

Dynamic speaking roles are what make Mango Animation Maker the best choice for you. These roles can be used to convey your message effectively through a 2D animation explainer video. It features 40 different roles in total including teacher, businessman, waiter, student, police, doctor, and customer. With the help of such a dynamic array of roles, it provides you the flexibility to bring surprise and entertainment for your audience and convey your message or promote your product/service at the same time.

2D Animation Explainer Video Software 1

3. A Wide Array of Online Animation Video Templates

Take your whiteboard animation explainer video to the next level with the Mango Animation Maker that provides hundreds of online animation video templates to get started with. Even you can opt for a new template by creating your customized design. By offering a wide array of online animation video templates, it provides you the quickest way to create an animated video for free.

4. Animation Video Distribution

Mango Animation Maker provides flexibility in animation video distribution where you can publish your animation explainer video online, offline, or GIF. It enables you to share your animated video on various social media channels to target the audience and potential customers.

How to Create 2D Animation Explainer Video

The steps of creating 2D animation explainer video as follow:

  1. Video Script

    The very first step to creating an animated explainer video is the video script that requires your great focus. A solid video script can make your 2D animation explainer video interesting along with the beautiful and colorful graphics. The script should deliver the message effectively keeping the audience engaged throughout the animation video. While introducing your product, make sure to bear the customer’s concerns in mind while writing a video script and show them how your product can be beneficial for them.

  2. Voiceover

    After writing a strong script for your 2D animation explainer video, you need to hire someone professional for voiceover. The voiceover matters to covey an effective message to your targeted audience. There are a lot of online platforms where you can easily find professional voiceover artists who usually charge per second or per word.

  3. Create or Select Online Templates

    A good animation video template allows you to quickly create a stunning animation video within a few minutes. Keep in mind that Mango Animation Maker provides hundreds of online animation video templates for your whiteboard animation explainer video. For your custom design, you can create a new template or select online for free. 2D Animation Explainer Video Templates

  4. Add Multimedia Contents

    Choose among the huge collection of multimedia contents such as images, shapes, SWF, and SWG to make your animated explainer video captivating.

  5. Animation Effects

    With the help of available animation effects, make sure to animate everything using the dynamic speaking roles. Being the best 2D animation video software, Mango Animation Maker provides 3 animation effects such as entrance, emphasis, and exit animation to add bits of emotions.

  6. Publish and Share

    Once you’ve animated all parts of the explainer video, it’s the right time to publish and share it to cloud, offline, or GIF. By sharing your 2D animation explainer video to social media channels such as Facebook, you can ensure effective engagement with your targeted audience.

    Publishing and Sharing a 2D Animation Explainer Video

Final Thoughts

The powerful free explainer video software offers various useful features and brings content to life. Promote your brand’s identity with free 2D animation explainer videos and communicate with a wide range of audiences worldwide by sharing it to social media. Mango Animation Maker is your ultimate choice for a custom design or online standard templates for animation video. By providing you flexible options, creating your whiteboard animation explainer video has become simple and hassle-free.

Creating 2D Animation Explainer Video with Mango Animation Maker

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