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Get Creative with Free Assets

Mango Animation Maker offers unlimited free assets to experiment with your creativity. Scenario-based character, images, SVGs, animation effects, and videos offer the opportunity to tell the brand story in creative ways. Delight and surprise your audience with free explainer video software. Get into your customer’s mind and explain how your product or service can ease their life with animated explainer videos. The right tool with the right resources means your creativity is the only limitation here.

Deliver Compelling Elevator Pitch

Use animated explainer video for product promotion in an engaging way as video content offers 95% more engagement as compared to textual content. Add three different types of animation effects from the Mango Animation Maker to convince your audience with value-adding information. Utilize every second of your promotional video to familiarize customers with your brand. Include speaking dynamic roles with free explainer video software.

Simplify Video Marketing

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on hiring expensive video artists, use the power of free explainer video software. Using Mango Animation Maker requires no prior knowledge, and you can start using the amazing features right after installing the package. Get rid of technical stuff and create fascinating and converting explainer videos with subtitles and recordings. Visual controls and dashboard make animated video creation real fun.

Better ROI with Animated Explainer Videos

Take advantage of free explainer video software and get a gigantic return on a small investment. With 70% of the internet watching animated video content, Mango Animation Maker allows marketers and businesses to strike the competitor’s marketing campaigns with effective storytelling. Avoid paying millions to marketing agencies, and take the initiative to build brand identity.

Insider Tips for Free Explainer Video Software in Marketing - Better ROI with Animated Explainer Videos

Getting Started with Free Explainer Video Software is Easy

Get Started with a Suitable Template

Start your video from scratch or modify the built-in explainer video templates for a quick start.
Step 1

Add Interactive Ingredients

Play with images, shapes, characters, and SVGs to add life to your animated video.
Step 2

Add the Energize Content with Animated Effects

Intro, emphasize, and outro animation effects will stick to the customer’s mind.
Step 3

Publish and Grow

Share your interactive animated video on all channels and reach out to millions of new potential customers.
Step 4

Create Free Animated Explainer Videos with Mango Animation Maker
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