make your own bone animation from scratch

Bone Animation: Make Your Own Bone Animation From Scratch

Today, video content is at the dominant place in business marketing as well as other aspects. It is really a rockstar totally. The magic of bone animation videos is mainly due to their storytelling power. It’s much easier to promote and boost your products and brands by using animated characters. They play an important role in helping to engage your audience, bond tightly and call them into action. Once the audience shares an emotion with you, it means that they are yours.

So we can see that, characters are the key to drive into audience’s heart. They give soul to bone animation. Characters designed by different people will have different senses. Sure that you want to make your own bone animation for your purpose. Thankfully, with the help of powerful character design software, it is easier and faster for you to make your own bone animation.

Here is a complete tutorial of how to make your own bone animation from scratch with Mango Animate Character Animation Maker.

  1. Choose A Character For Your Bone Animation

    Sure that you have your ideal character figure already. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker supports you to import character figures in PNG and PSD formats. If you do not have your own character, nothing to be worried. You can select one well-designed character in the software. Modify with the massive assets of decoration in the way you like.

    create your own bone animation step1

  2. Ready To Rig

    If your character is from Mango Animate Character Animation Maker, then you can skip this step since the character has already been rigged. If you character is imported, then you have the necessary to rig it by yourself.

    Rigging is aiming to make your character be able to move. The process of rigging is to build a skeleton and attach it to the character. And you also need to create a set of animation controls, which is used to push and pull the body around. Mainly the skeleton is organized in a hierarchical way, which means that bones can be a parent or child or both. Parent can affect child, but child cannot affect parent.

    In Mango Animate Character Animation Maker, use the straight bone tool to add bones to your character. Click your mouse to add bones. The first joint you need to add is the root bone, which is always set at the hips or the pelvis. Then move your mouse to the next place and click to add the next joint. Bones are connected by joints. Once you have created two joints, a bone will automatically occur between them. After done with the skeleton, you can turn bones that are needed to be moved or rotated into curved bones. By this way, the movement of your character will be more fluent, coherent and realistic.

    make your own bone animation step2: add bones to your character

  3. Control Your Character’s Motion

    Now you should have a base about what a skeleton is and what are its capabilities. In this step, we have another point needed to discuss: animation, of course.

    Bones can help us to have control over each movement, since moving a bone corresponds to moving an entire limb. That is to say, via handling each single bone can produce an ideal motion. Indeed, bones are controlled by joints, so you need to control joints to control bones. Drag the joint to proper place to create a post. After a series of coherent posts is created, your character can move as you want. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker comes with up to 100 different vivid motion templates, matches your needs to a great extend. Simply drag and drop to the timeline.

    make your own bone animation step3: animate your character

  4. Check And Export

    Do not forget to check your bone animation first. Click the play button to view the motion. Joint placed in wrong place can result in strange deformation of limb. After checking, you can export your work locally in various formats, including PNG, MOV, MP4 and animated GIF. Share your work to social media platform as you like.

    export in the format that you need

Wrap up

Above all is the complete tutorial of how to make your own animate skeleton. Actually it is not difficult. With the help of Mango Animate Character Animation Maker, you can create your own stunning character and use it in many purposes. Go get the powerful tool and start create!

Start Making Your Own Bone Animation

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