8 Creative Video Presentation Ideas to Captivate Your Audience

Have you ever wondered why your well-crafted presentations could not capture enough clicks and traffic? It looks impeccable but is so ordinary in the market. At this time, you need to collect some creative video presentation ideas to update your content. We summed up 8 creative video presentation ideas to help you captivate your audience, and launch our proudest video presentation software to assist you in completing the creation.

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8 Creative Video Presentation Ideas to Engage the Audience

1. Set a Cover With Text

Adding text to the cover is a simple and effective way to engage your audience and pique their curiosity. When they see you create presentations with different types of covers, they will realize what your content is about and how it does it. Make sure that the text on the cover of the animated video presentation is visually appealing enough that people can understand the content without reading them.

Creative Animated Video Presentation 01 Set a Cover With Text

2. Create an Iconic Slogan

Come up with an iconic slogan that will be your personal signature. A catchy slogan can get people to remember you and your work. When they think of the same type of animated video presentation they think of you.

Creative Animated Video Presentation 02 Create an Iconic Slogan

3. State the Topic at the Beginning

Creating an engaging animated video presentation should have a theme from the start, letting the audience know what you’re communicating and how you’re delivering that theme. A good start can interest your audience, and the goal is to grab the audience’s attention, try to state your topic or your creative video presentation ideas in one or two sentences and let the audience understand the topic you want to express.

Creative Animated Video Presentation 03 State the Topic at the Beginning

4. Ask Questions

For a good animated video presentation, questions are more important than answers. Questions can be anything, you can design them as ordinary questions, puzzles, or even jokes. Asking a good question will make the audience curious and lead them to start exploring the topic of the video. When you design creative video presentation ideas, you need to ask some questions to state more information.

How to Create Presentation 04 Ask Questions

5. Add Music/Videos

When you come up with good creative video presentation ideas, have your mind also automatically jump out of a piece of music to celebrate. If you want to show different things in one presentation, you can add appropriate music to each part. Or add a funny video that tells a lighthearted story about something funny and dramatic going on behind your product.

How to Create Presentation 05 Add Music and Videos

6. Using Animation to Make Simulation Scene

Create some animation or characters that looks like a real scene in which to showcase your product or service to help your audience better understand them. This will make the audience feel connected to the product. Your creative video presentation ideas can be realized even more with Mango Presentation Maker. You are able to restore a funny story or simulate an energy-consuming or dangerous process of doing an experiment.

Creative Video Presentation Ideas 06 Using Animation

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7. Play With Cool 3D Effects

Immersing your audience in 3D effects and combining them with vivid visual and audio experiences is one of the great creative video presentation ideas. Mango Presentation Maker is a video presentation software with a large number of 3D dynamic background templates which can help you achieve this goal easily.

Creative Video Presentation Ideas 07 Play With Cool 3D Effects

8. To Be Continue

A video should not be longer than ten minutes, if you want to create a series, or can not show your brand or product well in one video, you have to convince the audience that you will continue to show it here. Add “TBC” or advance notice to keep the audience looking forward to how you will introduce it further.

How to Create Presentation 08 To Be Continue


Above are our recommended 8 creative video presentation ideas and animated presentation software. Hope it will help you in your field and may these creative video presentation ideas can assist you to create satisfactory creations!

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