Wondering How To Make Your Typography Video Rock? Read This!

Typography videos have its own appeal to today’s audience, a perfect combination of text, music and even animation. It delivers information effectively via fast-moving text. It can be understood just as well even without the sound. It’s straightforward and eye-catching.

Yet, on top of all these, it’s one of the easier types of video to make and requires the least investment, in terms of money or time. All you need to create is a script and some visual effects. Below are my three pieces of advice on how to make a typography video that will stop people from scrolling and click to watch. Let’s dive into it!

Keep it Short

People love TikTok and Tiktok loves bite-sized video content. Statistics have it the optimal TikTok video length is between 9-15s with a max limitation of 3 min. It makes great sense because people generally have a very short attention span and it gets even shorter over time. So if you want to create a typography video and get tons of likes, views, and even comments, it’s a great practice to keep it short.

Based on the suggested video length of typography videos, you’re not likely to elaborate or cover too much in the video. So it’s best to focus just on one thing and explain it in as much detail and fun as possible within the time length.

Animation Is a Big Plus

As true with attention span, human beings by nature are more attracted to visuals than words, dynamics than statics. While typography videos literally mean moving text. With dynamics onboard, you only need to add visuals to make your typography video more appealing. Animation media is a decent choice.

Just look at the example below. This typography video is all about losing weight in a healthy way. Adding matching icons, stickers, animation widgets for each sentence makes it full of life and fun!

Work Smart

Before you start making your first typography video, you may want to pick up a handy text video maker for the task. We list the 8 best kinetic typography maker online for your inference. Each of them comes with pre-designed templates and a built-in media library to help you work smart and fast while creating a typography video.

One of the greatest typography video makers I’d recommend to beginners is Mango Animate TM. In addition to 20+ preset typography video styles and 150+ editable templates, Mango Animate TM goes further by providing brilliant features like

  • Text to Speech, Speech to Text. Applied with industry-leading Amazon TTS technology, Mango Animate TM lets users convert text to lifelike voiceover, and generate text for their audio and video automatically too.
  • Auto-Split Text & Auto-Add Icons. Just copy and paste your text to the software and Mango Animate TM will separate your text according to sense group and auto-match icons, stickers to your sentence.
  • Audio Recording & Built-in Audio Editor. You can finish all the jobs on one platform, from video making to voiceover.
  • Custom Canvas Size & Video Cover. Make 16:9 video for desktop screens, 9:16 video for mobile screens, or customize the video ratio to your needs.
  • Auto-Save Project. It can be a life-saver if an unexpected crash happens or the internet disconnects!

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