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The competition in the market is very fierce now, so don’t miss out on any chance to distinguish yourself from others. According to the report from Statista, the global entertainment and media market’s further growth is expected to grow to over 720 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. It’s not hard to imagine that many entertainment-related and media-related job-seekers will increase in the future. So whether the usage rates of video resumes will increase, we can try to wait and see.

The first impression of your presence when you apply for a job is your resume, particularly for job seekers in visual or creative fields, the video form can highlight personal skills. Sure, there’re so many formats in the market right now, like the visual, textual, infographic, or video resume. Sounds really hard to choose? Let’s have a look right now, here’re the pros and cons of different resume formats.

The Pros and Cons of Different Resume Formats

FeaturesTextColorsGraphicsTimelinesMusicSpeaking Dynamic Roles
Text Resume Format
Infographic Resume Format
Animated Video Resume Format

Hiring managers always review thousands of the written resumes daily. If you try to stand out from the crowd, you will think about your resume how to get a chance to show your personal special skills. The first impression is significant but definitely not the last. But make an energetic first impression on your resume can leave the rest of the time available to show your personal ability. Think about this situation, when you are displaying the interesting video resume format to HR while other job-seekers are giving the standard written resume format. When you’re a recruiter, what would you want to choose in this situation? Obviously, the result is that you will try to see the video resume format.

So here are some of the detailed reasons, why animated video CV format will increase your chance of being hired.

Highlighting Particular Skills Better with Video Resume Format

The video resume format is a professional, direct view of you as a job applicant. Animated video resume format demonstrates an applicant’s professional experience and qualifications, submitted to an expective recruiter in video form. On the report of Pixelo, about 65% of people are visual learners. The benefit of an animated video CV is that a job-seeker can demonstrate personal skills in a way that a text-only resume cannot. For example, If a candidate is applying for a designer or video clip’s job, they can also show a short demo portraying skills.

Listing Particular Skills Better
Give More Scope of Presenting and Understanding

Give More Scope of Presenting and Understanding

By simply editing, the candidate customizes video CV information to a particular recruiter and tailors a video for a definite job opening. Sometimes when the words on your resume are so limited to convey your qualifications. The features in the video resume format let the audiences understand the resume messages better. For example, the cartoon characters can represent yourself, conveys the story with audio through the timeline you customize.

Choose the User-Friendly Video Resume Maker

If you’re a job seeker and have no idea how to build up a stunning resume, just have a try to use this powerful video resume maker for beginners—Mango Animation Maker. Thousands of useful assets are offered by this animated video CV maker, which literally saves your time as make a brilliant animated video resume format. Logically interpret your resume script contents on unlimited canvas. Drag and drop elements you needed to make the animated video CV in four simple steps. Of course, try to select your video distribution ways, publish your animated video CV as GIF, online video/offline video, share anywhere and anytime.

Mango Animate---Animation Maker

Create the Animated Video CV Format with the Free Video Resume Maker

Download Video Resume Maker

Install Mango Animate Animation Maker and create a personal account.
Step 1

Choose Template to Start

Framing your video CV format script and start from a new project or video CV templates.
Step 2

Customize Blank Canvas

Drag and drop elements in your animated video, like the text, graphics, timelines, and so on. Use the animation effects to transition scenes and the dynamic characters bring your animated video resume format a life.
Step 3

Publish and Share

Define what format you want to achieve in your animated video CV format, and you can also customize the watermark and video cover.
Step 4

Make Animated Video Resume Format with Mango Animation Maker
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