Whiteboard Doodle Software Break down complex ideas into easy-to-understand doodle videos. Present them in a fun way.
Whiteboard Doodle Software - Professionally Designed Templates

Professionally Designed Templates

Take advantage of a wide selection of ready-to-use templates in the whiteboard doodle software to create polished whiteboard doodle videos that clearly outline any idea. Templates cover a number of industries and provide a solid base for explaining complex concepts. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all so all templates from Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Maker are fully customizable.

Creative Hand Types

Something about the presentation of information on a whiteboard helps people retain it better. Capitalize on this proven learning tool and add a modern twist with the whiteboard doodle software. There are various hand types and pens available for writing ideas or drawing objects on the whiteboard. You can also import custom objects into Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Maker and use them to present your content. Get creative and use items that represent what you’re explaining such as a compass and pencil to explain geometry or a test tube to explain chemistry.

Whiteboard Doodle Software - Creative Hand Types
Doodle Animation Software - Doodle Everything

Doodle Everything with Whiteboard Doodle Software

Go beyond images and take your explanations to new levels with this innovative whiteboard doodle software. Import images of your topic and let the doodle animation software draw them as viewers watch. From complex flow charts to hard-to-follow processes, everything becomes fun and easy to learn. Your viewers will see images as a black and white sketch at first, and then the hand drawing effect will fill in the color just as if they were watching someone draw it.

Eye-catching Animations

Get your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with enthralling animations and other effects available in the doodle animation software. Use interesting entrance effects to introduce topics, highlight specific points with bold emphasis effects, and move between scenes creatively with transition effects. Add move, transform, or hand drawing effects to characters.

Doodle Animation Software - Eye-catching Animations

Create Appealing Doodle Videos With Whiteboard Doodle Software Easily

Start Like a Pro

Choose any of our professionally designed templates or let your creativity run free by selecting any object to begin.
Step 1

Personalize the Doodle Video

Use the variety of media in the doodle animation software or import your own to explain your points clearly.
Step 2

Make Things Move

Add captivating animation and transition effects to make your content more engaging.
Step 3

Publish Whiteboard Doodle Video Easily

Export your creation as a video or a GIF and share it everywhere with just a few clicks.
Step 4

Make Any Topic Simpler with the Best Whiteboard Doodle Software
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