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Whiteboard Animation Video

Easy To Create

Create your innovative hand drawing videos with ease. Start with Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker and have a try. Choose your animation from our huge library of top quality templates. Easily customize your hand-drawn animation with our built-in image editor. Free vectors images for you, literally no technical or design experience required, and you can still create your own amazing custom animations in minutes, not weeks.

Clear and Intuitive Expression

Images sometimes are more powerful than words, convey messages fast and directly, and catch viewers’ mind at the first. Featured with built-in image editor, Mango Animate WM allows you to edit the images right inside the software, help you to save time to a great extent. Abundant of free vectors help you to well illustrate your video and convey your point clearly. Viewers can get your point intuitively.

Whiteboard Animation Video
Whiteboard Animation Video

Vivid and Interesting Process

Animated scene does a better job than the simple word display. With the vivid video, viewers’ attention will be attracted, focus on the video to achieve in following your mind. Only if you succeed in attracting viewers’ attention does your presentation mean a good show. If you are into making video, our whiteboard video software is a must have for you.

Easy To Be Absorbed

A good presentation depends on whether your point is successfully delivered to your receiver or not. You need to stand out from the crowd, leave viewers a deep impression, make them absorbed your content initiatively. Mango Animate enables you to share your ideas in creative ways, make your ideas outshine others.

Whiteboard Animation Video

Make Your Masterpiece With Mango Animate Hand Drawn Animation Software

Freely Download The Software

Download mango animate whiteboard animation maker in our website and easily install to your device.
Step 1

Build The Frame Of Your Video

Simply add images, characters, audios that we offer you. Bring in your own materials is also permitted.
Step 2

Further Illustrate

Utilize the engaging hand-drawn animation effect. Entrance, emphasis and exit effects are at your service, helping to up your video to an amazing level.
Step 3

Publish And Share

Download your video locally with ease. We offer you the choice to share your video to social media platform.
Step 4

Make Hand Drawn Animation Videos With The Best Hand Drawn Animation Software

Free, Fast & Fun