Mango Animate Character Maker is the most powerful tool for making characters. Using this easy and free rigging software to create your unique charanter now!
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Rigging with a single click

Mango Animate Character Maker is easy and auto rigging software that offers the simplest way to rig the character, that is, by a single click. Let’s see how it works. Firstly hit the import button to import the character into the easy rigging software and begin your creation by choosing the bone-adding tool and simply clicking on the character to form the whole skeleton according to the bone structure. If you find there are some bones needed to be modified, whether it is to add bones、to connect different bones or to delete them, just select a tool at the left side and click the mouse, then the whole skeleton will be finished in a split second. The most magical tool you will find in this auto rigging software is its tremendous library of motion templates. When you are lack of time and energy to rig the character and happen to find a suitable motion template, you can simply drag the skeleton template to the character, and then the character is rigged automatically.

Give life to your character

With Mango Animate Character Maker, easy auto rigging software, you can make your cartoon character come into life. There are two ways to do that. One is to design the unique and special action completely by yourself for your character. Another is to apply the motion template directly from the huge library of motion templates offered in this auto rigging software. The former one requires you to be clear about the decomposition actions that form the expected motion. Then you add the key frames in the timeline and adjust the postures accordingly by simply moving your mouse to control the movement of the bones, thus to create a vivid character. If you use the latter method to bring the character to life in this auto rigging software, you can drag the motion template to apply to your character so that it would be live in a second magically.

Export to different formats

Mango Animate Character Maker allows its users to export their projects in different formats so that they can use it in different situations. Formats as MP4, PNG, MOV and animated GIF, are available in this easy auto rigging software for users to export. With so many choices, users can export the file in accordance with their needs by a single click at PUBLISH at the right top of the interface. Then they will get they want and use them in different situations, be it sharing with friends via social medias, sending as an emoticon to a friend or using it in a explainer videos.

Free Forever

Mango Animate Character Maker serves as easy auto rigging software and aims to offer the most accessible way for everyone from all walks of life to join the pleasure of bringing their favorite characters or cartoon roles to life. And it offers all the users a free version so that they can show their creativity free and with ease.

Make Your Animated Characters With The Free 2D Character Creator

Get the tool free

Download Mango Animate Character Maker free in the official website and sign up.
Step 1

Choose a character

Pick a built-in character from the library, or import your own material if you want.
Step 2

Add bones and animate

Add overall skeleton to your character, and add preset motion to it. You can edit unique motion according to your needs.
Step 3

Preview and publish

Once your animated character is done, preview first and check out for any mistake.
2D character free download in the format you need. If you want, you are free to publish it to any platform.
Step 4

Super Easy Auto Rigging Software and Free Forever