sensational drawing animation tutorial

Make Sensational Drawing Animation Free In 5 Minutes

Have you ever saw an engaging drawing animation video online and hope that you can create your own animation video? Does the very thought of professional skills and technical abilities that pulls you back from your hope? Don’t worry anymore because now you can create by yourself in a matter of 5 minutes.

In this passage, the entire process of how to make a drawing animation video will be explained in detail.

  1. Prepare For Your Script

    Script is the essence of creating a drawing animation. It gives you a preliminary framework of your animation video. With the script in hand, you will know where the direction of the story, what images and characters that you need, and the right position to add them. Without the script, you cannot resume the perfect process of an animation.

    sensational drawing animation tutorial

  2. Download Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker For Free

    Once the preparation is over with script, the animation part can be started. Go to Mango Animate official website and freely download Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker to animate your script.

    sensational drawing animation tutorial

  3. Get Start With Pre-built Templates

    Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker features with a massive library of pre-built templates, which cover over all kinds of fields. Select one template that you like and quickly get into the user-friendly interface.

  4. Customize With Your Imagination

    In the template, you are allowed to customize the original images, texts and characters in order to match your message. Replace the images from the built-in library of free vector images. Bring in your own materials is also permitted. Easily edit the image right inside the software with the built-in image editor. After arrange the general layout of images and other elements, you can preview the result.

    sensational drawing animation tutorial

  5. Audio Mix

    In this step, you need to record your voice with the built-in powerful voiceover to match your images, let viewers know what message you are trying to convey. For convenience, you can type in words and transfer the written words into speech with built-in voice roles within seconds. Furthermore, you can import in your background music to build an atmosphere that you want, to up your video to a higher level.

    sensational drawing animation tutorial

  6. Animate Everything With Engaging Hand Animation Effect

    The biggest feature of drawing animation video is that it shows a process of hand drawing, guide the viewers to follow. So in this step, you can add entrance, emphasis and exit effects to your materials and make them move. With the massive selection of hand type, you are sure to make your video shine from others.

  7. Download And Share

    In the final step, you are to download your super video locally to your device in multiple formats. You are allowed to share it to social media platform with your friends and other viewers.

Now you’ve already known how to create a drawing animation video and the steps involved in it. Can’t wait to start your creation? Try Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker to make your own video in a matter of minutes.

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