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Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap, Complete Guide with Step-by-step Tutorial

Glassboard animation video, known as a style of whiteboard video, is a process where a story or a storyboard with pictures get drawn on a glassboard. It has proved popular these days for this kind of video can attract viewers, grab their attention, and convey the message easily.

In this post, we will give you step-by-step instructions to make glassborad animation videos in minutes with the best glassboard animation video software, Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker.

Let’s get started.

  1. Start with a Script

    A script is of great importance in making glassbord animation videos. Therefore, you should never start glassboard animation video creation without a script. When writing a script, make sure that your script includes a problem, a solution, and a call to action.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

  2. Choose the Perfect Template

    There are many great glassboard animation video templates provided by Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker. They are organized by categories and cover topics such as education, marketing, training, and human resource, etc. Check them through and pick one based on your needs.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

  3. Make it the One and the Only

    Every template in our whiteboard animation maker can be fully customized, from texts, images to animation effects. Change the text content, replace the images with more appropriate ones, or select a new animation for the object. If you do not like the preset ones, or they are unnecessary, just remove them from the scene. Just make the call on your own.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

  4. Animate the Elements

    Choose from multiple hand draw animations, stage effects, transition effects to make your glassboard video unique and special. With the best free glassboard animation video maker, you can make glassboard animation videos that bring your message to life and keep your audience engaged with total ease.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

  5. Voice Your Story

    Record your voice for your glassboard animation video in Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker with just one click. However, you’ve better purchase high-quality recording equipment if you want to offer a great audio experience for your audience. When the recording is done, you can use the audio editor to make quick adjustments to your voiceover within this software.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

  6. Export and Share

    Once you are done creating, preview your work before you export it. Check whether everything is fine, and at last, do not forget to share your awesome glassboard animation video across your social media channels.Make Glassboard Animation Video in a Snap

That is all. Try it out yourself. With this best free glassbaoard software, making glassboard animation videos can be say, fun and fast.

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