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Discover the power of Mango PM’s interactive PowerPoint templates, including education, business, marketing, onboarding and more. Select an interactive PPT template, insert your content, and instantly witness your slides transform into engaging interactive experiences. Elevate your presentation with Mango PM today!

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Mango Presentation Maker, commonly known as Mango PM, is a user-friendly and powerful presentation maker. Breaking free from the confines of traditional slide-based slides, Mango PM present your content smoothly with captivating 3D transitions (zooming, panning and rotating). Transform your presentations into cinematic journeys to resonate with your audience easily. With various interactive PPT templates, vivid animation roles and rich material libraries, you do not need to worry about how to create an interactive PowerPoint. 

Interactive Teaching Presentation Template

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Business Pitch Presentation Template

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Onboarding & Training Presentation Template

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Event & Conference Presentation Template

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Make Presentation Interactive

3D interactive presenttaion

Non-Linear Storytelling

Say Goodbye to the tedious slideshow format. Mango PM engages your audience on a lasting journey by leaving them with a vivid cinematic experience, using cool 3D transitions, dynamic zooming, seamless panning and mesmerizing rotating effects. Mango PM makes your presentation like a compelling movie, ensuring your message is effortlessly absorbed and embraced by your audience.

Captivate Audience with Interactivity

Any object on the canvas can be made clickable, enabling you to trigger other parts of the presentation. Mango PM allows you to customize interactive slides templates by adding materials, including images, videos, audio, pop-up slideshow and links, enhancing the visual and auditory feast and providing further information for your audiences.

Mind Map - Holistic Understanding

By offering a comprehensive mind map subject library, you can customize your mind map in Mango PM, including changing images and shapes. Create, customize and connect nodes and lines easily, breaking down your intricate concepts into logical and absorbable components. The comprehensive perspective enables your audience to effortlessly grasp the essence of your message at a glance.

Infinite, Dynamic and Zoomable Canvas

With Mango PM, you will get an infinite stage to give life to your endless ideas and thoughts. You hold the reins to place any object wherever you envision on the canvas. Fluidly zoom in and out of your canvas to showcase specific content or offer an overview, with image quality impeccably preserved. Keep a dynamic presentation style to hook your audience up. 

How to Make a Presentation

Step 1 - Select a template

Kickstart your design fast with an interactive presentation template designed by professionals.

Step 2 - Customize

Replace pre-made materials with your own, including images, text. Also, you can insert videos, icons, charts, and even your brand logo into interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Step 3 - Preview & Publish

Once your presentation is ready, export it as you see fit. Supported formats include EXE, MP4, PDF, HTML5 or ZIP.


Explore essential insights about interactive slides templates. Discover how to customize a slide template effortlessly using Mango PM. Learn about the benefits of interactivity and the user-friendly nature of Mango PM’s platform. Your journey to captivating presentations begins here.


Interactive presentations are dynamic and engaging communication tools that incorporate multimedia elements, animations, clickable components, and interactive features. 

Interactive presentations offer several advantages over traditional ones. They captivate and retain audience attention better due to their engaging nature. Interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and multimedia aid in conveying complex ideas more effectively. Real-time interactions foster audience involvement, leading to improved information retention and a lasting impact.


Utilizing an interactive PowerPoint template in Mango PM is straightforward. First, log in to your Mango PM account. Browse the template library, select an interactive presentation template that aligns with your content’s purpose, and open it. Replace placeholders with your text, images, and data. Customize interactive elements like buttons and animations using Mango PM’s intuitive editing tools. Preview and test the interactivity before sharing or presenting your creation.


Yes, Mango PM empowers you to fully customize any interactive elements in your chosen templates. After selecting a template, simply click on interactive components like buttons, text, multimedia or other creative objects. Modify their appearance, behavior, and content to suit your branding and content needs. Mango PM’s user-friendly interface ensures that you can easily tailor these elements without requiring extensive technical skills.

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