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How To Make Your Own Cartoon Movies

Compared with other form of broadcasting, video is continuing to grow in importance and popularity, which means it’s the main power to help business stand out. By using advertising in a more creative form such as cartoon movies, your brand will be sure to make a lasting and incredible impression to audience.

Since animation is a good way to convey complex and technical message in a form of story, animation market keeps grow while animation making cost keeps going up too. Making cartoon movies by yourself seems to be a wise decision. Fortunately, it is easy to create cartoon movie since there are various cartoon movie makers. But specific steps and skills are still necessary.

In this article, specific steps of making cartoon movies are listed below for you. Check this out.

  1. Figure out what story you want to tell

    Before the production of animation, you are supposed to figure out your video content. This is quite like writing a paper, in the very beginning, you need to decide the theme of you paper. Once you have a clear mind about your content, you can move to script. Write down your ideas clearly and give them structure before you start working with animation. Make sure that your script has three specific parts, mainly is a Beginning, Middle and End. Try to write your script in a form of story. That would be much better.

    the story of your cartoon movie

  2. Draw up a Storyboard

    Storyboard is a very important step of the pre-production of any form video because it conveys in a clear way how the video will flow, as you can see how your shots and scenes work together. On the other hand, with the storyboard, you can check out the potential mistake and problem and make correction in time.

  3. Download Mango Animate Animation Maker

    To make a stunning cartoon movie, you need a stunning tool for it. Mango Animate Animation Maker is worth your considering. It’s a free to use cartoon movie maker that features a massive library of royalty free media resources. Go to get access to the best cartoon movie maker and launch your animation production.the best animation maker

  4. Pick a template that matches your story

    Start from a pre-built template can really save your time. Mango Animate Animation Maker provides you with extensive professional-looking creation templates that cover any type of video you may want to create. With these templates, you are never left without a source of tutorial and inspiration when you are doing the creation.
    If you want, you can also start from a blank project and set all the things the way you like.

  5. Video enhancement

    A video cannot exist without text, images, logos, background music and sound effect. As long as you done with your selection of template, you can go right into the interface and enhance this template to the way you like. You can replace the original media element with the one you want from the built-in free-to-use resource library. Bringing in your own media materials is also permitted by importing to the software. If you need to make some customization to your materials, directly customize in the software. Mango Animate Animation Maker features built-in image editor and audio editor, simplify the process of production to a great extent.

    do some enhancement to your cartoon movie

  6. Animate

    What makes an animated video special is undoubtedly the animation effect. Add animation effect to specific object and transition effect to different scenes can make your video active and dynamic. It’s the key to bring your video come to life. Appropriately utilize animation effect to your video can make your video memorable and higher social media engagement.

    add entrance animation effect to element of your cartoon movie

  7. Narrate your story

    After everything is done, your video still lacks of a narrator. So in this step, you need to choose a suitable voice to help you convey your message. You can ask someone else to be your narrator or you can also record your own voice. The face is, your own voice will make your work fun and kind, helping you and your audience to build a tight connection. Emotion matters, pay attention to your tongue and speed. Record the voice with the powerful voiceover system in Mango Animate Animation Maker and then edit with the built-in audio editor to save your time. You can also choose to type in your text and convert it into speech with the text-to-speech system.

  8. Preview and publish

    In this step, your animation production is almost called an end. Before you download it to your local device, you’d better preview your video and check out if there is any mistake or problem. Afterwards you can download it locally. Publish your art work to social media platform to let more people view it.

Wrap it up

Want to include cartoon movies in your marketing strategy but don’t know how to achieve it? With this detailed tutorial in hand you are sure to hit a miracle. The good thing is that Mango Animate Animation Maker makes it easy to create any types of animated video. Try Mango Animate Animation Maker to create miracle.

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