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How to make typography lyric video in a minute?

You may notice that there are more and more typography lyric videos in our daily life, especially in social life. Why? You would ask. Well, the answer is simple. That is because typography lyric video is awesome, stunning and eye-catching. And people like these kinds of thing, so how to make one in a minute to amaze the world. Here is the way.

There are four steps to make an excellent typography lyric video.

  1. Step1: Get prepared.

    First of all, it is sure to prepare a tool that can make the typography lyric video. That is, Mango Animate Text Video Maker, which can turn text into amazing typography videos. And another material to prepare is the lyric and the audio of the music.

  2. Step2: Create a new project.

    Open the software and select the type you want to make. There are three types of creating way for you to choose. You can import pure text, audio and video, or record sound directly into the software to make a new project. Then you can edit the material in the editor and separate the sentence group, which means dividing the text into sentence groups in accordance with the rhythm of the music. So the lyric will appear later in the screen accordingly. Mango Animate Text Video Maker provides two ways for users to divide sentence groups. One is to let the software do it for you intelligently. Another is to do it yourself. When you get the text done, it is time to decide whether to use the speech synthesis or not. We are now making the typography lyric video, so there is no need to use this function. After finishing all of this, click IMPORT to get the new project ready.

  3. Step3: Animate and customize

    Mango Animate Text Video Maker provides a great number of free beautiful icons, stunning typography animation, plentiful background and other assets for users to apply to their awesome text videos. When you get the text imported to the video, the next thing you can do is to make the whole video organized. That is to make the lyric synchronize with the rhythm, to decorate the video with the icon and background picture, to add animation to the text to make it more attractive when showed in the screen. In this way, you can make awesome typography lyric video in a minute.

  4. Step4:Export and Share

    When you finish the animation part, you can preview the video, and when it meets your satisfaction, it is time to export it and share it with your friends or to social media. The exporting process is simple; just click the EXPORT to generate the video. Once it is done, you can easily share it with a click on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Triller, etc. And everyone can enjoy this wonderful typography lyric video.

In a word

Creating a typography lyric video will be a piece of cake if you use the right tool. Simply click to import the lyric text, and then decorate it. Finally you will get the most awesome typography lyric video.

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