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Mango Presentation Maker, also known as Mango PM,  is the best video presentation maker free. It allows you to create dynamic and non-linear presentations.

The Free Video Presentation Maker Helps Create Video Presentations

Whether for promoting products, conveying ideas or any other purposes, your primary choice must be to create video presentations. Behind the embracing of social media and online platforms, video presentations are one of the tools to capture audiences’ attention. To handle this, Mango Presentation Maker, a free video presentation maker, offers a solution for all users to create video presentations. You have the option to zoom in and out of different parts of the canvas, adding a sense of motion and depth to your video presentations. After customizing, you can export PowerPoint as MP4.

Interactive Teaching Presentation Template

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Business Pitch Presentation Template

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Onboarding & Training Presentation Template

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Event & Conference Presentation Template

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The best video presentation maker free

Fascination of 3D Cinema

Discover the free video presentation’s essence by utilizing its scalable canvas. Seamlessly guide your audience with fluid movements, engaging zooming, captivating rotating and cool panning. Infuse a dynamic 3D dimension for an immersive and compelling experience.

Share with Everyone

Multiple sharing options are determined for you. Mango PM, the best video presentation maker free, generates unique URLs for each presentation. It is easy to reach a global audience. Export PowerPoint as MP4, EXE, PDF, HTML5 or ZIP, enabling convenient access anytime and anywhere.

free video presentation maker

Dynamic User-Driven Interaction

Add interactive effects to any object, the trigger object can be any element on the current canvas. Or engage your audiences with pop-ups, videos, music, clickable links, and more. The free video presentation maker enhances your design by incorporating special interactive components (buttons, images and data).

Various Templates for you

Rich template libraries to kickstart your slides. Pick one and customize it with vector materials (icons, SWFs, charts, shapes and more). Moreover, you can utilize the free video presentation maker’s powerful annotation feature to enhance your content with insightful notes.

free video presentation maker

How to Create Video Presentations

Step 1 - Create

Create a new project to start your creation from scratch. Or kickstart fast with a template.

Step 2 - Customize

Insert videos, icons, charts, and even your brand logo into the video presentation. And then apply entry, emphasis, or exit animations to objects and control their playtime.

Step 3 - Preview & Publish

Before sharing with others, preview your content and ensure there are no issues. Subsequently, export PowerPoint as MP4, PDF, HTML5 or ZIP.


Explore essential insights about the free video presentation maker. Discover how to create video presentations using Mango PM. Learn about the benefits of interactivity and the user-friendly nature of Mango PM’s platform. Your journey to captivating presentations begins here.


Interactive presentations are dynamic and engaging communication tools that incorporate multimedia elements, animations, clickable components, and interactive features. 

Interactive presentations offer several advantages over traditional ones. They captivate and retain audience attention better due to their engaging nature. Interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and multimedia aid in conveying complex ideas more effectively. Real-time interactions foster audience involvement, leading to improved information retention and a lasting impact.


First, log in to your Mango PM account. Browse the template library, select an interactive presentation template that aligns with your content’s purpose, and open it. Replace placeholders with your text, images, and data. Customize interactive elements like buttons and animations using Mango PM’s intuitive editing tools. Preview and test the interactivity before sharing or presenting your creation.

Yes, the free video presenttaion maker empowers you to fully customize any interactive elements in your chosen templates. After selecting a template, simply click on interactive components like buttons, text, multimedia or other creative objects. Modify their appearance, behavior, and content to suit your branding and content needs. If everything is ready, you can export PowerPoint as MP4. 

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