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Free Sketch Video Maker - Resourceful Hands

Resourceful Hands

Draw anything easily with the wide variety of hands and pens that are available in the sketch video maker for free. Or import images of your hands and let them do the drawing. The imported image can be any object that you choose to be your drawing instrument. Use crayons to illustrate children’s stories, or animals to advertise pet food. Ensure that the sketch video appeals to your target audience.

Exciting Characters From Sketch Video Maker

Add personality to sketch drawing videos and create attention-grabbing scenes with the array of characters featured in sketch video maker for free. Mango Animate Sketch Animation Software with over forty dynamic speaking roles that span several industries, you can portray almost any occupation. Give the characters different actions and expressions to make them more realistic. You can also import custom characters and add animation effects like move, transform, and hand drawing.

Exciting Characters From Free Sketch Video Maker
Sketch Animation Software - Captivating Effects

Captivating Effects

Engage the audience and keep them entertained when you add fascinating effects to your sketch videos. There are numerous effects included in the free sketch video maker. Enhance your illustrations with entrance, emphasis, and exit effects, or use the clear effect to remove the current sketch from the whiteboard before drawing a new one. Zoom in with the camera to focus on a single section or zoom out to catch the entire scene. Other effects include paper cutout, black shadow, black and white, motion blur, and motion shadow.

Customize Everything

Make use of maximum customization with the free sketch video maker. All elements of sketch drawing videos can be customized from the canvas and backgrounds to characters to animation and transition effects. Import images and use the image editor to customize colors and positions. When you’re ready to publish your video, you can customize the watermark and video cover.

Sketch Animation Software - Customize Everything

Make Sketch Drawing Videos with Sketch Video Maker for Free

Start Smart

Pick any object or use one of our premade templates to begin the sketch drawing video.
Step 1

Make it Custom

Add backgrounds, multimedia, and audio elements from the free sketch video maker to your video or import from your computer.
Step 2

Animate it All

Bring the sketch video to life with enchanting animation and transition effects.
Step 3

Share Your Creation

Export the sketch drawing video in six different formats or as a GIF. Share with the world.
Step 4

Create Fun Sketch Animation Videos with the Best Sketch Video Maker
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