Top 10 Face Swappers Enable Free Face Swap Online at 2 Minutes

Are you ready to embark on a journey of AI face swapping? Back in the day, creating face swap videos was time-consuming and costly. With these 10 best free face swap online tools, you can witness faces seamlessly transform, transcending boundaries and unlocking a new dimension of AI video creation. Whether you are going to use the free face swap online tool for entertainment, social media video creation, or other, you are welcome to know these 10 tools below. 

Free Face Swap Online to Activate Your Creativity

1. Mango AI

Mango AI’s free face swap online tool takes the concept of photo manipulation to a whole new level. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to seamlessly replace faces in your photos with professionally designed AI avatars. It shows nothing short of remarkable – Your face is automatically integrated into the AI avatar, creating the illusion that you are authentically engaging in the video. If you are going to swap your face onto a cartoon avatar, a cartoon character optimization may offer great help. You can activate this optimization to take your cartoon character’s lip-syncing to the next level.

free face swap online Mango AI

2. Remaker

Remaker, a free face swap online tool, enables you to switch your face with someone else’s. More than swapping faces between human beings, it even empowers you to swap your face with an animal. If you have taken photos with your friends or family members, a multi-person face swap may help you get an exciting experience. The tool is also integrated for mobile users so that they can swap faces wherever they go. Just upload your original image and target face image, and wait for minutes. When finished, you are free to download the photos and share them with your friends. 

free face swap online Remaker

3. Vidnoz

Vidnoz’s free face swap online tool not only supports photo face swaps but also face swaps in videos. What you need to do is upload a base photo or video, and a target face image, and the tool will do the face swap. Within minutes, you will get your photo or video with a target face on it. When finished, you can choose to download it for further use or take your face swaps to the next level by removing watermarks. 

free face swap online Vidnoz

4. Pica AI

You may turn your imagination into a realistic photo with Pica AI’s free face swap online tool. Do you wonder what you look like if you lived in the 1980s? You could upload your face photo, and select a body photo of a person dressed in the clothing of that era. Within minutes, you will get a magic face swap photo. With this AI tool, you can unleash your creativity and act as whoever you want. No matter the game characters, movie roles, or imagined roles, you are free to be every one of them by swapping your face. 

free face swap online Pica AI


Faceswapper is an AI-powered free face swap online tool, with which you can achieve a seamless face swap by simply uploading images. What sets this tool apart is its ability to do animated face swaps. If you have no idea how to start your project, there are various face swap presets for you to refer to. You are able to create interesting memes and emojis by utilizing this tool. Imagine sharing an animated photo of a funny person with your face on it with your friends, you can not imagine how wacky it will be. 

free face swap online Faceswapper ai

6. Artguru

Artguru, a free face swap online tool, offers 8 credits per day for you to unleash creativity. It offers a variety of presets in different styles so that you are free to choose one of them and start your journey of face swapping. By uploading a photo as a source image, and selecting a face to swap, you will get your face-swapped photo in minutes. Happiness is greater when shared. You will have greater happiness when you share your photos. The tool also supports multi-face swapping, allowing you to swap faces among friends and create a brand-new group photo. 

free face swap online Artguru

7. Fotor

Fotor serves as a free face swap online tool that helps you kickstart your journey of face swapping. It is more like an AI assistant that empowers you to replace your face in a photo with anyone else. With the power of AI, you can experience a seamless face swap by simply uploading photos. The transformation process is fast and precise. Whether it is for fun or creative projects, it can always be useful. 

free face swap online Fotor

8. Pixble

If you are struggling with the fact that you can’t do a face swap because your face is obscured by an object in your photo, Pixble’s free face swap online tool may offer good help. Its advanced AI algorithms empower the tool to detect faces in photos and locate the facial features automatically. Even if the face is rotated and titled, the tool can still work. 

free face swap online Pixble

9. AnimeGenius

One of the standout features of AnimaGenius’ free face swap online tool is the diversity of face presets. It provides various photos for you to experience the face swap process, from movie characters to real-life celebrities. With the help of AIGC technology and advanced AI algorithms, the tool can precisely map facial features and finish the swapping process. If you have a group photo, it is time to do a multi-face swap. Unnatural expressions in group photos are no longer a problem because the face swap tool will offer help. 

free face swap online AnimeGenius

10. Reface AI

Reface AI’s free face swap online tool enables you to swap faces with a simple click. Whether you are going to create engaging face-swapping videos or photos, the tool can also work. There are various reasons to choose this tool if you want to bring your friends and family joy. 

free face swap online-Reface ai


These 10 free face swap online tools are all equipped with advanced AI technology, allowing you to seamlessly transform your face into another one’s. You can choose from these 10 tools, and find out which one is the most suitable for your project. The boundaries of creativity are pushed beyond limits with these powerful face swap tools. 

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