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Massive Library Of Free Vector Images

By keeping the viewer’s attention focused on the constantly changing images, it’s of great possibility to keep people paying attention to reach an aim of understand. In Mango Animate Animation Maker, you don’t need to be an artist-images draw automatically. Directly utilize our free vector images. We offer a huge library of royalty free vector images covers in multiple catalogues. It’s time to say goodbye to the hefty fees charged by professional animators. Try Mango Animate Animation Maker and make your own animation video.

Built-in Voiceover

The animation video can be embedded with a voiceover to make the presentation more in detail and interesting. Simply add your text and convert it into vocal audio in Mango Animate Animation Maker. Within our built-in audio editor, you can edit your voiceover with no technology but just a few clicks. Your animation videos are no doubt to be the best with our best animation video maker. Record down your own voice can be fun, do it with ease in the best free animation program.

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edit your image with the image editor in the software

Built-in Image Editor

Customize images and create videos at the same time can greatly save your serious time. Mango Animate Animation Maker features powerful built-in image editor, which allows you directly customize images right into our software. You can change the color of vector images, add filters to enhance them, or you can also crop, flip and rotate the images as your will in a single click. Create your own amazing animated video in minutes, not weeks with our powerful animation program.

Engaging Characters

Fully utilize our built-in engaging characters to better express your contents, what’s more, to attract the audience’s attention. Every single character in animation program has a large range of expressions and actions, vivid and dynamic enough to help you get across your ideas in an engaging way. By this relax and interesting way, a tight bound between you and audience has been built up.

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