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Simplify Your Ideas

If you have a complex concept that you need to explain, you need a creative way to make it simpler so that your audience can understand. Achieve this goal with whiteboard explainer video software. People love to watch ideas come to life. Use the wide variety of hand types in the Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software to draw your idea to completion. Utilize dozens of different sized male and female hands with different gestures to explain your content.

Enhance Your Presentation

Much of the time people find processes difficult to understand and follow because of the way they are presented. A more appealing animated explainer video will greatly help your audience be able to follow a difficult process. Thousands of characters, icons, shapes, and SVG images are available in the whiteboard explainer video software that can help you represent aspects of a process more realistically, making it easier to follow.

Explain Everything Easily With Whiteboard Explainer Video Software - Enhance Your Presentation
Explain Everything Easily With Whiteboard Explainer Video Software - Increase Your Audience’s Interest

Increase Your Audience’s Interest

For auditory learners, it will always be difficult to grasp information that is presented visually. Ensure you are reaching all segments of your audience by adding interesting audio components to your animated explainer videos. The Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software features a dynamic voiceover tool that allows users to record and edit their voices directly in the software. There’s also a speech-to-text converter, background music, and other audio effects to create the perfect sound.

Accessibility is Key

Your audience needs to be able to access your content with minimal effort. This whiteboard explainer video software facilitates easy sharing. Animated explainer videos can be exported as offline videos in six formats with full HD supported or GIFs. All can be shared on social media and other platforms.

Explain Everything Easily With Whiteboard Explainer Video Software - Accessibility is Key

Follow These Steps to Explain Your Content with Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Software

Easy to Begin

Pick an object or browse hundreds of professional templates in the whiteboard explainer video software to begin.
Step 1

Explain with Ease

Use a simple drag and drop process to add background, media, and audio effects to explain your content. Use the voiceover tool to add your voice to the explanation.
Step 2

Make it move

Add elegant animation and transition effects that will engage your audience.
Step 3

Distribute Everywhere

Choose your preferred format and share your animated explainer video across platforms.
Step 4

Make Whiteboard Explainer Videos with the Best Whiteboard Explainer Video Software
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