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Powerful Animated Explainer Video Software

Powerful Animated Explainer Video Software

The attention span of potential customers is a few seconds in most cases. Therefore, companies need an explainer video software that can make short and concise animated explainer videos to quickly catch people’s interest. The Mango Animation Maker has a wide range of customization resources such as animation effect, royalty-free vector Images, background images & colors, and various built-in roles for making attractive explainer videos easily.

Explainer Videos are Versatile

An explainer video once made can be used in a variety of ways. Explainer videos can be used in marketing campaigns to help customers better understand your product. It can put on to your website home page or landing page to increase conversion. You can also use them for presentations in seminars. Mango Animation Maker provides thousand of animation video templates which suitable for various purposes that enables you to create an explainer video in minutes. You just need to browse what suits your need and replace the content of the template.

Explainer Videos are Versatile
Explains the Potential Benefits of the Product

Explains the Potential Benefits of the Product

Explainer video software is the best way to create a compelling brand introduction. Mango Animation Maker has easy drag and drop tools and beautiful illustrations for every business need. Companies can make a visual representation of the benefits their product is going to offer to potential customers. An animated video provides enough aesthetic approach towards old and new customers. This encourages individuals to see what they are buying and can bring many of their doubts to rest.

Explains Problems and Show Solutions

Explainer videos progress in line with time. Companies can first show the causes of the problems and then finally provide the solutions. It is pretty valuable to achieve further conversions to explain how the products or services address a consumer need. Mango Animation Maker provides enough resources like Animated Charts & Graphs, shapes, and other handy tools to create engaging explainer videos.

Explainer Video Software - Explains Problems and Show Solutions

Create an Animated Explainer Video with Mango Animation Maker

Install the Mango Explainer Video Software

You can simply download and install Mango Animation Maker software. Then you have to register and log in to your account.
Step 1

Creating a New Project or Edit an Explainer Video Template

You can start creating explainer videos from the start or edit the available template in the Mango animated explainer video software.
Step 2

Animate Video Content

Simply add graphics, audio, illustrations, and other multimedia to make compelling video scenes. Make the explainer video interesting by applying animation effects and characters.
Step 3

Publish and Share

It’s time to publish your explainer video and share it further with social networks (your website, Youtube, Twitter, and more).
Step 4

Make Animated Explainer Video with Mango Animation Maker
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