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Creating Free Animated Videos - Rev Up Your Intros and Outros

Rev Up Your Intros and Outros

Your YouTube intro should make viewers anticipate the upcoming video while your outro should spur them to take some action based on the content of your video. Create free animated videos using a powerful animation video creator to achieve these goals with the ability to record your voice explaining concepts and add captions to make everything clearer. Make them stand out with captivating entrance, emphasis, and exit effects.

Fully Engage Followers

YouTube is a fast-paced platform, and viewers quickly move on from content that is not interesting. Ensure you hold your audience’s attention with fascinating camera effects – rotate, zoom, and pan. Go from scene to scene with enchanting transition effects. Your viewers will be continuously entertained when you create free animated videos for your YouTube channel with Mango Animation Maker.

Creating Free Animated Videos - Fully Engage Followers
Creating Free Animated Videos - Give it a Spark

Give it a Spark

Your videos should be attractive to your viewers so that they will keep watching and recommend your channel to others. From beautiful backgrounds and background effects to color filters, your free animated videos will truly sparkle. Images, videos, shapes, symbols, and background music enhance your videos too. And you can say as much as you need to as you can create free animated videos on an endless canvas.

Add Some Animation Character

People are fascinated with Animation Character. Add convincing animation characters as you create free animated videos. Choose from 40 vibrant speaking roles to convey your messages. Complement your characters with fitting actions, facial expressions, and emotions to make them even more authentic. Need some help getting started? Choose from hundreds of templates that can be fully personalized to fit your brand.

Creating Free Animated Videos - Add Some Animation Character

Create Free Animated Videos with Mango Animation Maker Quickly and Easily

Getting Started

Start a new project or pick an animation video template to begin editing.
Step 1

Make it Your Own

Add background, characters, and media to personalize your video. Add effects to make scene transitions seamless. Record and edit your voice to explain your points.
Step 2

Animate it All

Choose from numerous animation effects and put everything in motion. Insert camera effects to amaze your audience.
Step 3

Share the Fun

Upload your video directly to YouTube or choose other publishing options.
Step 4

Create Free Animated Videos with Mango Animation Maker
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