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Create Animated Video Free With Step By Step Instruction

Animated videos have brought the change to the form of brand broadcast. Video ads and animations opened new channel, new strategies and new target audience for brands. For entrepreneurs, animated video is a powerful marketing tool to help their business grow faster and become matured.

Making an animated video is not that difficult, on the contrary, you can even make it by yourself in a matter of minutes. For a quick understand, a concise instruction of animation process is for you below. Make sure you check it out.

  1. Investigate

    At the very beginning, doing some investigation is necessary. Gather information about your market and your target audience as possible. You can also look into what your competitors are doing. By doing this, you can have a clearer mind about your content, what you trying to get across, and how to add highlight to your video.

  2. Concept And Blue Script

    Now that you have seized the information that you want, it is time for your concept and blue script. It’s a known fact that concept and script are the backbone of a video, and it needs to be strong yet novel. While you are writing a script, mind to your video length, and keep it between 60 to 90 seconds. Try to avoid creating a wordy script, as the crucial part is the animation. Furthermore, write your script in a form of story, and that would be much more attractive.

  3. Search The Best Suitable Animated Video Creator

    A powerful animated video creator can up your video to a higher level. Among those video creators on the market, Mango Animation Maker is a good choice for you, which is a free to use software. Go download it and start creating your own miracle.

    animation maker

  4. Utilize The Pre-built Template

    To save your time, Mango Animation Maker provides multiple pre-built templates for you, which cover over various categories. Your inspiration about the how to create may be stimulate by the templates. Of course, you can also start with a blank project and set the scene as you like.

  5. Customize

    When you get access to the interface, your trip of creation is start. Mango Animation Maker features a large library of free and extensive resources for you to use. You can customize the template according to your script. Replace images with the built-in images or you can also bring in your own materials. You also get a multiple choice of sound effect, which can add depth to your video. If you want to create a specific atmosphere, you can import your background music to the audio track. Try to customize images and music with the powerful built-in image editor and audio editor, so that you no longer need to open other edit software.

  6. Voiceover

    In this step, you need to prepare your voiceover. Voiceover cannot be ignored. Find a right voice that makes your narration more impact. Record your own voice can be fun, add your voice to your video for a more personal touch. If you don’t like, you can type into your text and convert it into speech with the built-in voice roles. So make sure you have a perfect fit voice of your video that makes your characters come to life.

  7. Animation

    The essence of an animated video is the movement effect. The animation stage is where you add movement effect to your materials and scenes to make it more engaging and intuitive. You can add entrance, emphasis and exit effect to the object that you want to animate. Your video will come to life and draw audience’s attention firmly.

  8. Preview And Publish

    After everything is done, preview your video first and check out if there is any mistake. Then you can download it locally. Other than this, share your video to your friends, or publish it to social media platform, or put it onto your website can increase your video exposure.

    animation maker

Let’s wrap it up

Now you have known the secret of how to create an animated video, it is time for you to move your first step towards animated video creation. What are you waiting for? Get started using Mango Animation Maker to create an impactful animated video.

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