5 Best Animated Explainer Video Examples 2020

For the past decade, the digital landscape has seen significant transformations. Individuals are turning to the Internet for shopping, learning, socialization, fun, working, and information. In turn, brands are utilizing powerful tools such as animated explainer video examples to inform, entertain, educate, and promote their products in the most compelling manner. The animated explainer video examples in this article are some of the most compelling videos for boosting brand awareness, engaging audiences, and increasing conversions and ROI. With the growing trend of video content consumption among internet users, many brands are forced to use them in all their marketing strategies.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Important

Animated explainer videos are an excellent choice for many brands because they help them solve their customer’s problems. They can use video content to describe their products or services and showcase them with much simplicity and fun. This makes the customer understand and relate with them right away.

Animated explainer video examples cover all aspects of your brand, including defining who you are, what you do, and your product and its benefits. If you want the Google search engine to prioritize your website, you need to embed more video content on your landing pages. Google loves those websites that include video content, so by doing this, your organic rankings will improve significantly.

Please find five best-animated explainer video examples from 2020 on YouTube you should know:

1. What is a coronavirus?

This is an exemplary animated explainer video from TED-Ed Company. This animated explainer video company uses some of the most fantastic animations to create highly engaging video content. Their video content is quite simplified, concise, and figurative. They use animated explainer video software to design videos that are short, but elaborate and fun to watch. Viewers will remain glued to the screen to the end.

In this particular animated video, TED-Ed has used its creativity to design a short animated video to explain the origin of coronavirus. It is not just entertaining but very interactive and informative as well. TED-Ed collaborates with experts to ensure audiences access resourceful and targeted information. Their animated educational clips can be used alongside other resources to make lessons more interesting.

Please watch one of the TED-Ed’s animated explainer video examples here:

SwiftPass – Corporate Animated Video

SwiftPass is a mobile payment partner that helps users form an all-around mobile payment ecosystem through various solutions, including issuing, acquiring, and business. Their corporate animated video is one of the best animated explainer video examples crafted to explain the different mobile payment access methods and solutions it can offer its customers.

SwiftPass takes viewers through an animated tour of its services and solutions and explains how it can connect financial services providers with users, vendors, and merchants using different payment options. This video is straightforward, engaging, and interactive. SwiftPass takes advantage of animated explainer video software to customize the brand colors and logo. Its design team has shown much professionalism often portrayed by any other animated explainer video company. They’ve turned the company’s software solutions into a visually appealing animated video with polished transitions and modern icons.

Please watch their animated explainer video example here:


CMS Hub is one of the captivating animated explainer video examples from HubSpot – one of the leading growth platforms commanding thousands of customers across the globe. Hubspot comprises a Marketing hub, Service Hub, powerful free CRM, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub, which are tools that can drive business growth.  Using CMS Hub, businesses can create and manage their website pages to suit their target audiences. They can also optimize them for devices and conversions.

The designer has used animated explainer video software to create the video. Graced with stunning, well-transitioned animations, and a laid back narrator, the video clearly describes how to optimize sites with CMS. Hubspot chose a professional animated explainer video company to create a short piece that is direct and to the point. The audio in the background helps to set the viewer in the right mood.

Please watch the CMS Hub animated explainer video example by Hubspot here:

Microsoft & SHI – Animated Explainer Video

Microsoft is a renowned corporation that keeps updating its products. The brand now uses captivating explainer videos to market its products and solutions to the many users it commands across the world. Microsoft & SHI is just one of the many stunning animated explainer video examples about IT infrastructure.

With the help of an animated explainer video company,  Microsoft explains the common concerns of IT professionals, including security breaches that impact every organization’s profitability. This animated video has been presented with much dynamism and professionalism. The smooth transitions make it more digestible and engaging. The animated explainer video company that helped create this video highlighted Microsoft’s brand colors and utilized effective messaging and animation for communicating complex concepts in style.

You can watch Microsoft & SHI animated explainer video example here:

Anchor x Spotify – Animation

Spotify gives people unlimited access to songs and content from various artists across the world. The digital music service provider allows you to build collections of different music you love. In all its animated explainer video examples, the company has used fun animations and rocking soundtracks to explain its services to the viewer.

Anchor x Spotify is one of the entertaining animated explainer video examples. This piece is designed specifically to help Spotify increase its conversions after introducing a new product – Anchor. Using this product, users can create podcasts, distribute, and monetize them and how to power them.

The animated explainer video company that helped create this animated explainer video used animations, great designs, and hand-drawn storyboards. It also helps present a stunning animated piece that is straightforward and engaging.

To understand more about Anchor x Spotify, watch this video:

Final Thoughts

Animated explainer videos, if well-executed, can help your business grow tremendously. They can turn your complex business ideas into simple, clear, and understandable concepts. You can use them to help people to understand your value proposition and spark interest within a short time. The demand and appeal for effective video content grow every day, so you have to perfect each piece to target your audiences.

Whether you want to promote your brand, services, or products online, you need quality animated explainer video examples to get the results you want. From the pieces highlighted in this article, it is clear that you should design tailored video content that speaks to the people and compels them to take necessary action.  

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