Animated character plays an important role in 2D skeletal animation. Turn your image to animated character with the best 2D skeletal animation software. DOWNLOAD BUY NOW 2D skeletal animation software
2d skeletal animation to turn image into animated character

Turn Image To Animated Character Magically

Fed up with static image and eager to improve your animation video? All you need is a 2D skeletal animation software to create animated character. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker has the capability to turn your image character into animated character. Simply add the main skeleton to your image, making it have the same skeleton system as a real human. With the powerful bone tool, you can easily rig your 2D skeletal animation character. Customize the position of each bone and arrange the timeline to get a fluid-moving character. Design under you mind, rig any image into animated character.

Pre-made Bone Structure

Adding key skeleton to make up a complete bone system could be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner and have little knowledge about creature skeleton. Stop worry. This 2D character design software offers an abundant collection of pre-set bone structures for you. Each bone structure follows the discipline of human and animal skeleton structure, helping you create natural and fluid-moving character. Choose one that meets your need and add it to your image. Appropriately customize the position of each bone for the afterwards steps.

pre-made bone structure provided in 2d skeletal animation software
tremendous motion templates in the best bone animation software

Advanced Motion Options

With the best 2D skeletal animation software, animate a static image is no longer a complex and difficult work. Due to the advanced pre-set motion, you do not have the need to customize the position and post of each bone. Utilize the pre-made motion templates to create free character animation with fast and ease. Mango Animate Character Maker features a vast library of dynamic and vivid facial expressions and body actions. Drag and drop motions to the timeline and then your static image will be animated and movable. Animating a static character can never be so easy.

Audio Track

What if your animated character comes with engaging sound effect? That would be exciting to your audience. Add audio into your 2D skeletal animation software to match the movements of your character, make it more vivid. Mango Animate Character Animation Maker allows you to import audio files and export your character in MP4 and MOV format. By this way, you can breathe life into your character and leave your audience a stronger impression.

2d skeletal animation: publish in different formats

Animate Static Character With The Best Skeleton Animation Software

Get yourself the best character creator

Download Mango Animate Character Animation Maker for free to launch your design
Step 1

Select your character

Pick a preset character or you can upload your own to the software
Step 2

Add bones and animated

Add a complete skeleton to your character, or directly add a preset bone structure. Animate your character with the preset motions or customize the post by yourself
Step 3

Publish and share

Export your 2D skeletal animation character in the format you want and share it to others.
Step 4

Make Stunning Character With The Best 2D Skeleton Animation Software
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