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Mango Animate Animation Maker

A free-to-use animation maker, that features a massive library of royalty free resources, which is a great helper for your animation production.  You are expected to create animation videos in various purposes such as business, education and training. With the friendly to use interface, you can use the drag and drop function to easily build up your scene via utilizing the built-in resources. What is exciting is that you can enjoy all the amazing features of this software totally free.


Synfig is a free software that used by thousands of designers. The biggest feature of this animation maker is that you can transform any vector shape into another so that you can create a serious of different shape as you want. With the featured bone system, you can easily to create cutout animation via using bitmap images or control your vector artwork. In this way, you can give birth to your special characters.

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Tupitube is a 2d animation maker software focused on children and teenagers. This is a much more easy to use program for animation. The easier the better, it’s a perfect animation tool for beginners.  It supports for basic tools for vector illustration, which is very useful and convenient. Once you have done with your animation, the finished animation can be exported to various file formats.

Pencil 2D.

Pencil 2D is a free and open-source 2D animation maker software. It’s a cross-platform for windows, macOS, Linux and  FreeBSD. It is used for making cartoons using traditional techniques and bitmap drawings. The interface is very easy to use so that you can focus on animating but not what button to hit next, making your animation journey fun and fast.

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OpenTooz is a 2D animation software mainly for films and TV program making. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects in a charge of free. The open-sources feature allows users to modify its source code freely and easily. It features powerful digital drawing tool for users to utilize for any artwork. It’s a good helper in your animation production program.


This is a web-based animation software for beginners, which is easy to handle with. With Powtoon, you can select between presentation mode and animation mode, which is the highlight of this software. Use Powtoon to create animation videos for various areas such as business, education and training.

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Animaker is a DIY animation software. It allows users to create animated video via using pre-built templates and characters. It has 6 animation styles available for you to choose, including 2D, 2.5D, handcraft, infographics, typography, and whiteboard animation, satisfying all of your needs.

Adobe Flash.

Adobe Flash is a very classic and authentic software platform that used for production of animation. For beginners it might have a little bit difficulty to use. As for professional animator, it is a must have and great helper.

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Moho is a proprietary vector-based 2D animation software, which has everything you need to make stunning, amazing and professional-looking animations. The biggest feature is the smart bones, which can reduce or entirely remove distortion around your character’s joints, making the actions of your characters more fluent and vivid.


Krita is a free and open-source graphic editor designed for 2D animation production. It offers with a digital painting tool that allows you to draw freely. An intuitive and flexible interface lowers the difficulty of making an animation. Krita serves for one goal, which is to make everyone to be able to have access to advanced art tools. So you can use Krita to create beautiful paintings, drawings, and animation scenes.

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